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Sarah is just a girl who thought she would have life figured out by 30, but still feels like she has to call her mom about everything :)  She married her best friend and racked up too many college loans to become an Early Childhood educator. She taught kindergarten before becoming a stay-at-home-mom to her sweet toddler, Liza. She loves God, her family, being a mom, all things girlie, coffee, party planning, reading, Judy Garland, making headbands for Simply Sadie, babywearing, cloth diapers, and might have a small obsession with Pinterest and Target.
I hope you enjoy this really, really awesome cell phone picture of me. It's all I have. I don't take pictures of myself for fun... I was just checking what my hair looked like. Oh stop it. You know you do it too!

Katey never dreamed she would be a 30 year old  stay at home mother of three. She did things a little backwards and became pregnant with her first daughter, Ariana, who is now 7 before marrying her husband. Then attained her bachelors degree in English. Prior to having the opportunity to be a stay at home mom, she worked full time as a Branch Administrator. She loves God, family, the beach, red wine, reading, cloth diapers, baby wearing, shopping, and has been known to be a little bit like the paparazzi at times with her camera. Her latest obsessions are Pinterest and newborn photography.

This is a fantastic cropped picture of myself! It seems the few photos I have of myself are with other people, usually I am the one taking the pictures. So thank you modern technology for the cropping feature! :)

Sarah and Katey have known each other since middle school, and became close friends in high school. Even though they do not live close to each other they have remained in touch over the years. They have grown closer since the birth of Sarah's sweet baby. They are able to share their wonderful mother experiences and learn from each other! The idea of this blog is to connect with other women and mothers and be able to learn from each other. We can't wait to start this journey!

Here we are as a junior and senior in highschool. We had a really cool photo shoot outside of Katey's parents' house. We were so cool. well, we thought so anyway ;) Enjoy this cell phone picture of a picture because I can't seem to scan it into my computer at the moment.
Katey & Sarah (1998 or 1999)

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