Monday, August 20, 2012

August Break: Tough Mudder

This past weekend my hubs did the Tough Mudder. It is a very challenging 10 miles course filled with obstacles, swimming, and mountain climbs. It was quite an event to witness and I am so proud of him for doing it. In the process for preparing for this challenge he lost 45 lbs. He did the challenge with 6 of his friends. This is not a course you can finish by yourself. it is about comradery. It is not a race but a challenge! 

Here are some pictures from the event.

Getting them hyped up " Hoorah" 

The funky monkey
Even as a spectator we had to climb the mountain. This is one of the many uphill climbs

Trying to get up Everest

10,000 volts of electroshock therapy


All the Mudders! Finally finished it in 4hrs and 45mins! 
My hubs said he would do it again. It was a tough challenge but he said it was fun. 
Have you or anyone you know ever done one of these types of challenges? 


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  1. I have done 2 and am signed up for 2 more this year. They are a lot of fun but can be tough.