Friday, December 7, 2012

Jingle Bell Painting

I love Fridays, don't you?

Today marks the start of my 12 Days of Christmas Activities for your tots! I'll post one or two ideas  for the next few blog posts. I will keep it real with you. Nothing fancy and nothing that costs much money (if it costs any at all!).
Jingle Bell Painting:
  • paint
  • jingle bells
  • paper
  • box or cookie sheet/brownie pan (something to contain the mess)
  • a kid to do the dirty work
  • Put a piece of paper inside a box or pan of some sort.
  • Dip the bells into some paint and then place the bells in the box.
  • Shake the box so that the bells roll around and paint the paper.

Liza preferred to "stamp" the bells on the paper. I think this was the case because the bells that I had on hand were pretty small and didn't roll around as well as I had imagined. I've never used bells before for this (usually marbles), but when I do it in the future I will find some larger bells so that the roll easier and jingle louder.

This is serious business my friends. 
The final product. It might turn into Christmas tags or a card once it is dry.

Christmas Fine Motor:

This activity just sort of fell into my lap. Miss Liza was begging me to play with some play dough so I took it out while I finished with my Christmas decorations. She was busy rolling and using cookie cutters when she found my faux berry garland and started picking off the "berries."

I automatically wanted to stop her, but soon realized it was a good fine motor activity for her. Why not lose a few of the already dingy berries?!

  • play dough
  • something small (in this case berries)
  • Let your kiddo stick small objects into play dough

Super simple. Don't run out any buy anything. Use things you have at home already. How about popcorn kernels or elbow noodles? Anything goes!

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back Monday with some more ideas!!

XOXO Sarah

P.S. None of my ideas are ever original. These kind of activities have been around classrooms for ages. I won't take credit for them ;)


  1. love love love love both ideas!!!!!!!

  2. I love the jingle bell idea!! Like you, my Mom has done the marble painting with her classrooms. The jingle bells would be so fun! I just bought some big ones at Michael's too! Hmmmm. Weekend project maybe!! ;)

  3. What a fun activity. I should have read this earlier today since its been raining all day. Maybe tomorrow but definitely this weekend for sure! Have a great weekend!

  4. LOVE these ideas! I've been doing lot of crafts with mu 8month old, but I can't wait until she can direct herself! I will keep this post in mind.