Monday, June 3, 2013

Magnet Fun

Happy Monday!!!

A few weeks ago I splurged at Target (gasp!) and bought Liza a really cool $3 horseshoe magnet. Here is the first activity that we used it for.

Fun with Magnets:


  • Magnet
  • sorting baskets 
  • random items from around the house
  • Collect random objects from around the house and put in a basket
  • Demonstrate to your kiddo how to see if the magnet can pick up an object.
  • Sort objects into two piles: Magnet picks up/Magnet does not pick up
  • Let your kiddo(s) learn and discover as they play!

Have fun exploring and learning at home! I hope to start a new posting schedule next week so stay tuned for lots of fun :)

XOXO Sarah


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