Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Sensory Child Gets Organized: Book Review

Hi Friends!

I hope you are still out there somewhere! It's been a while, but I took an intentional blogging break while I was working on some other writing (which has yet to be finished!).

Today I wanted to share with about The Sensory Child Gets Organized. Local blogger and writer Carolyn Dalgliesh (learn more about her here!) shares her journey on how getting her home and life organized helped her sensory child to flourish.

A "sensory child" is a child that needs special supports to help them engage and connect with the world around them. Such children may have a diagnosis of a Sensory Processing Disorder, AD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, OCD, or Bipolar Disorder. You can learn more about this here.

She explains that it is, "about learning how to tap into simple systems, routines, and visual guides to support and organize your sensory child: tools that can empower both your child and your entire family."

I appreciated all her tips and tricks and feel strongly that these strategies are tools that will help ALL children to succeed and become important and productive members of their family, classroom, and society.

Some of my favorite tips that I'd like to implement in my own life and home...

  • Having a designated space for everything. This not only eliminates clutter, it gives children the ability to know automatically where to find something and where to put it away.
  • Using picture labels throughout the house. This is something that I used in my classroom when I was teaching and would love to incorporate into my kids' room and toy area. 

  • Creating harmonious spaces within your home so that your child(ren) can relax and escape other overstimulating situations.
  • Giving children specific strategies that they can calm down during tantrums or stressful times.

When we give children the right tools, they can accomplish great things. I really wish I would have had this book when I was still teaching because it would have been a wonderful tool to pass on to the parents of my students who were struggling to understand their sensory children. It is a simple, non-threatening, organized resource.

I love that Carolyn Dalgliesh gives her readers tools like picture examples and worksheets to use to begin the process of organizing for their children. This book is a great resource for all parents, teachers, and anyone who works with children. You can grab a copy here and I highly recommend it!

Don't forget to check out Carolyn's blog!

XOXO Sarah

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.**


  1. Loved the book, too! Great review!!!! :)

  2. Great info....i may have to get the book for my own sensory child