Friday, March 8, 2013

Easter Sensory Bin

This morning I set up Liza's Easter sensory bin while watching the snow fall outside.

We're ready for Spring!

I reused things I already had for this bin. Many of them were in last years bin.

I'll share with you everything in ours, but if you plan in making one use your imagination and make the best of things you have around the house.

-Green yarn (I think I used Easter grass last year?)
-Plastic Easter eggs
-Dollar Store flower gems
-Pom poms
-Fake flowers
-kid tweezers
-Easter egg spoon/tong (I need a new one if anyone sees them let me know!!)
-Random baskets
-Easter books

So far, Liza has made Easter baskets, hid the eggs and gems in the "grass," and has filled the Easter eggs with the Pom poms.

Post pictures to our Facebook page if you make your own version!

XO Sarah

P.S. Hoping to have my laptop up and running this weekend. Cross your fingers!


  1. Omg how cute is this? Love the idea and I'm totally doing this for my 2 year old!

  2. Super fun. I love non-traditional Easter ideas! Addie has a predisposition to weight issues (part of being achon), so I want to do fun things for her that don't involve chocolate bunnies! So far we have books and... now a sensory box (better for when she's older- of course). Thanks for this post!

  3. This is SO cute! I'm ready for Spring, too!