Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shamrock Sort


Still blogging off my phone so I apologize for the quick, ill formatted post in advance :)
Another cheap & easy sorting activity today!

I hit up the Dollar Tree today and found some inspiration that should hopefully get me doing more learning games with Liza.

-Foam shamrocks (you could cut them out of paper too)
-contact paper (you could use glue or just sort into bowls, etc.)

-Make two different sections. I drew a line line down the center of the contact paper.
-demonstrate how to sort ("This shamrock is sparkly. Should I put it under the plain shamrock or the sparkly one?").
-Let your kiddo get to work!

I started with a super simple sort. You can challenge your kiddo by adding another object (or a few more objects).

Here are some pictures.

XO Sarah


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