Friday, February 17, 2012

10 Things That are Making us Smile :-)

I'm totally stealing this idea from my friend, Erin and her awesome blog, but we thought it would help you to get to know us better. We're not always obsessed with our kids and their bums...sometimes we're still normal girls. I mean, women. We're in our 30's, geesh.

Sarah's Top Five:

1. My Sara Happ Lip Scrub in Peppermint.
I really am loving this. I am a little obsessed with lip gloss and stuff and this scrub keeps my lips nice and smooth. I like this and love this.

2. The New Girl makes me and the hubby giggle and laugh every Tuesday! LOVE this show!
I also really like the blog that Zooey and her friends started. It's called HelloGiggles

3. Shamrock Shakes. I might gain 5 pounds before St. Patrick's Day, but it's worth it. There is just something so good about these darn shakes.

4. My Alex and Ani bangles. I don't have the ones in the picture, but I love the one's I have. I think I need to get the shamrock one soon, in honor of my grandfather's birthday in March.
5. My new wallet. After losing two sets of keys in one month, I decided it was time to get organized. I went to Macy's and bought a new purse and wallet. I loved them both. The purse broke two weeks ago. Fail. I'm so bummed, but that's what I get for being so cheap! Anyway, I am liking my new Fossil wallet. It's like this one, but not the same pattern. I found it for 50% off. Score.
I like that I can wipe it down when little, sticky hands find it. I like that it zips up and my things stay all together (besides the time I lost my debit card last week. I need help.), and I can squeeze my IPhone in there if I need to!

Katey's Top Five:

1. My iPad 2... I don't have a fancy smartphone so I use this for just about everything including texting because my cell phone text message service stinks in Canada!

 2.I put International Delight Hershey Caramel creamer in my coffee everyday! It is so yummy! I especially like in my iced coffee.

3.The show Revenge, I didn't start watching it until mid season, but I quickly caught up by watching old episodes online during Christmas break when everything on TV was a repeat. Now it has me on the edge of my seat every time I watch it!

4. I enjoy taking pictures! I have recently learned how to use my digital SLR in modes other than automatic. :) My hubby bought me a new lens for Christmas...which I am in love with!! It was the right price for a photography enthusiast like myself. It is great for taking pictures of the kids, which is what I do most of the time!

5. Elf Cosmetics... they are not expensive and are fabulous! The price usually ranges from $1 to $5. I bought their brushes which were less than half the price of the worn out bare minerals brushes I was using. ( Don't get me wrong I fell in love with Bare Minerals, but I am a Mama on a budget). I also use there plumping lip glaze!  This line is so fantastic! You can find ELF products at Target or on their website

So, what are you loving these days? Tell us!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend. See ya Monday!

XOXO Sarah & Katey


  1. ok, got to post my top two alright?? *(especially since they are fall into two of the above catagories)
    1.)Earth mama angel baby lip balm, they actually just came out with two more "types" cannot wait to get the coconut for sassy girl!
    2.) Everyday Minerals, amazing ingredient labels (hello 3 ingredient base!!) superior brushes did I mention the price?? yeah thats $12 for a full size base, which if used everyday should last 3/4 of the YEAR. Plus you get a free gift for every purchase and you can only pay shipping for trial sized bases until you find your perfect color!
    Ok im done