Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Scoop on the Poop

Hey there!

This particular post is more for those babies/toddlers who are formula fed and/or are eating solids. We are going to do another post about cloth diapers and the exclusively breastfed baby.

I know what you are all thinking. Why would you want to scrape poop? 

It's really not as bad as you're thinking. I promise.

In fact, it is way less gross than the diaper blowouts I had to deal with when Liza was a newborn in pampers! Omigosh, I actually have the best picture of this, but I cannot find it! My poor mom was a victim of a blowout while we were out to breakfast one time!

I can honestly say that I've never had to touch the poop to get it into the toliet. There's never been a huge mess. Even during the dreaded stomach bug that we had a few weeks ago. It takes us a few extra seconds, but then it's gone. There's no poop sitting in the garbage or in your Diaper Genie.

Here's how I do things. I always have a clean diaper and some cloth wipes ready...
GroVia AI2 & Target cheapy washcloths for wipes (I'll tell you about that later)

before I wrangle the wiggly toddler and try to distract her long enough to get her clean.

Open diaper. Try not to inhale through your nose while distracting the kiddo.

Wipe up the mess. Sometimes I even use the diaper to wipe a little. You will probably do the same thing.

Use your imagination for this step :)

Put it to the side while I put on the clean diaper. Usually while chasing her little bum around the house.
I know I'm not the only mom who can put on a diaper while their kid runs around. Talent.

Once the kiddo is all dressed, I grab the dirty diaper and instead of throwing it in the trash, I walk into the bathroom. It takes about five steps from any room in my house to get there.

Next, I open up the good old toliet and plop the poopy in. If the poop isn't too plopable I grab my handy-dandy homemade diaper sprayer and spray away anything that is left before chucking everything into the diaper pail.

Now, if you're fancy, you can buy this.  Or your husband can make you this-
I swear, my gorgeous blue tile is not dirty...I have no idea why it looks like that! yuck!

and you can pretend to be so, so, so happy, but secretly wish you had a prettier one (which is stupid. don't be like that). Don't be jealous of my awesome diaper sprayer. This thing could knock you over it has so much power!

Once I spray and/or dump, I throw the dirty diaper into my diaper pail. I bought a cheap trash can (from Target, of course!) and put a pail liner in it.

I took the cover off so you could see it better.

I have two like this. I also have a wet bag, like this one which zippers, but I find the pail to be easier. I know that Katey prefers a wet bag. She has a 3m hook you can mount by sticking it to the wall and the  bag hangs on it in her laundry room. Katey also finds the wet bags handy for wet clothes, especially during potty learning!  It really just depends on what you like best. There is no right or wrong  way. I have even heard of people who have top loader washing machines just soaking them throughout the day and washing every night. So there is no wet bag or pail liner.

When its wash day you just take your pail liner/wet bag and empty the diapers in the don't have to touch those dirty diapers again!!!!

And that's it! Super easy! Really, it is. Even the hubby can manage it :)

 I left out some stuff, like how I do my wipes and how I wash my diapers, but I think this is enough information for one day. Really, there are SO many different ways to do all this stuff. My sister inlaw actually has a diaper service and doesn't have to do any washing :)

Bottom line, don't be scared of changing poopy cloth diapers!!!

XOXO Sarah

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