Monday, February 13, 2012

Creating Heart Hand Prints

My middle child, Madisyn, who will be three next month, LOVES to finger paint. She goes to nursery school three afternoons a week and when she is asked what she did at school the response is always, "I paint." I thought it would be fun to have her and my almost eight year old daughter, Ariana, make Valentine's Day paintings.

I had a vision in my head of what I wanted them to do. I folded some finger paint paper in half to make a card, and used a paper plate to hold our paint.

I helped Madisyn first, I put red paint all over both of her hands and set them down with the thumbs pointing up to make a tip of a heart. I tried to connect the other fingers at the other end but it didn't seem to work out as planned.

It didn't come out perfect, not sure if it was the paper or if there wasn't enough paint on her hands or it dried to quickly when she put them on the paper. It didn't matter too much anyway because Mady decided to continue to paint on her paper. Eventually. we lost sight of what was supposed to be there. HA! She is an artist in the making!

Future Picasso

I changed up our technique a bit with Ariana. We put her red paint alone in the paper plate and moved it all around,  really covering her hands and almost dripping red paint.

We pressed them down as hard as we could trying to fill in any white spots. It worked a lot better than Madisyn's did but still not perfect.

Ariana's finished card for her secret pal at school

Ariana wanted purple in her card so she mixed up the red & blue finger paints and added it to the card she was making for her Valentine's Day secret pal at school.

 The project didn't go as planned, but they enjoyed themselves. Next time I will try a different type of paper, but I didn't have any other kind around the house.

Madisyn's "card" she couldn't stay within the folded card so we had to open it up!

I would love to hear any Valentine's Day crafts you have tried. Please feel free to comment below!

Until next time...Cheers!



  1. Very Cute! I painted with Lucas for a valentines Day gift for Matt. I love the heart you created with the hands, maybe Ill try that next year! ;)

    Jenna :)

  2. Hey Jenna! Thanks! Lucas is adorable & I bet Matt loved his Valentine! Thanks for following our blog!

    Katey :)

  3. We did heart handprints for Valentine's Day, too! Though I did one hand from each child, palms touching, so the hands itself created the heart shape. I wrote a poem around the outside and gave them to the grandparents - they're suckers for that kind of thing!

    1. Hey Karla! I never thought of doing a hand from each child that's a cute idea! :)