Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Costumes

Today we thought it might be nice to share some really adorable DIY Halloween costumes that we have found floating around Pinterest (where else?).

This Raining Cats and Dogs costume is super cute and we bet you have a lot of the supplies at home already.

Any Office fans? This Dwight costume is simply hysterical!

Here's another adorable one. Dinosaurs are fun for all kids! I think adding a matching sweatsuit would be perfect for a New England Halloween!

Look, here is a baby dino version! Basically all you need are some cut up sponges!

Sarah will be attempting this super cute owl costume for Liza this year.

This shark costume looks easy and cute!

(Really, you could just hot glue felt to a hoodie!)

This looks super easy and we're not monkeying around.


What plans do you have for your little ones costume?


  1. OMG! So cute! LOVE the Dwight Schrute!

  2. That is so cute! LOVE IT!!! A dinosaur would have been great!

  3. I want to make the kids' costumes but they want to be things like captain America. Boo. Lol

  4. I love those ideas! I'm definitely going to have to keep those in mind for years to come! E is going to be Emily Elizabeth from Clifford---she's been talking about it for months! She has a skirt, shirt and shoes from her wardrobe and I picked up cute striped knee socks from TJ Maxx. She has a stuffed clifford to add to it!

  5. These are adorable!! I can't show my kids because then they will want to change their costumes!

  6. SO cute! the plan right now is for Boy to be a spider, Girl will be a butterfly!