Monday, May 21, 2012

May two four weekend

Hi there! It has been a beautiful weekend here in ontario! It is a long weekend, today is Victoria Day
It is a holiday in honor of Queen Victoria's birthday. That is Queen Victoria of England.  It is informally called the May two four long weekend, or the kick off of summer. 
This our second May here and I have noticed the weather seems to turn warmer during this holiday weekend. Many Canadians begin planting their gardens and flowers this weekend as well. It truly is a beautiful time of year up here. 

We took advantage of the beautiful weather. My girls enjoyed some water fun! 

It stays light out here until about 9:30pm. So it was nice to sit outside on the patio and watch the neighbor light off fireworks. The only issue is they didn't stop until 10:30pm and my little girl was very afraid of the loud noise. 

Do you have special plans for the upcoming long weekend in the U.S.?




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