Friday, May 4, 2012

The Weight on my Mind *UPDATE*

Hello followers!  Happy Friday!!!

Back in february I wrote about my little man, Baby J, and his issues with gaining weight. Next week he will be 14 months.

Since my last update we changed pediatricians and ditched the specialist. The old pediatrician labeled him "FAILURE TO THRIVE". Did I mention he never lost any weight? He just didn't gain it at a rapid speed after six months. I didn't NEED to go see a specialist, I felt the doc could have told me how to increase his fat intake. I felt he was way to eager to send me to a specialist. I am pleased to tell you he has gained 4 pounds since February! We put him on a higher fat diet, cheese, olive oil. avocados, etc. 

I NEVER stopped nursing. I honestly never thought he wasn't getting enough. I certainly was not going to let the doctor bully me into starting formula. We began whole milk at meal times in March after he turned a year.  He was a little late with the crawling and pulling up as well. But now he is a normal active 14 month old boy!

What do you think about doctors and their labels on children?

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  1. I say that doctor's label children when they don't want, have the inclination to, or are so caught up in the fact that they are the "doctor" they forget to listen to the mom's who know their babies better than anyone! The label problem will never go away but informing other mom's that its okay to question and say NO to the pediatrican....okay off my soap box now!