Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On My Mind

Good Morning!

Today is hump day and I have a million things running around in my mind. I am planning my girl's second birthday party, organizing my house, and preparing myself for a busy weekend that will probably be filled with a lot of emotions! We have a memorial service for my grandparents and are spreading their ashes. We also are excited to spend lots of time with family and go to our local Memorial Day parade!
So, here is a look into my mind :)
I'd really love to DIY a dollhouse for my girl. I might be running out of time though. My grandmother had three awesome dollhouses and as a kid I loved to play with them. I always felt so special when she would have me decorate the houses for the holidays!

from younhouselove blog
We are having a bumblebee party this year and I am really behind with my party planning! Here is some of my inspiration.
I am really excited to have all her little toddler friends running around! I am also hiring my girl's music teacher to come do a little entertainment for them! Should be super cute!
I am making this and if it comes out cute, I'll be making them for gifts too! How cute would they be as party favors?! If I have a small amount of kiddos at the party, I might think about that! Sorry, I can't get the picture to work.
Her Mimi bought her a bike for her birthday. Shh! Don't tell!
It's raining again, so I will be sure to set up some kind of sensory play for Liza. I am thinking the shaving cream might make another appearance and we will be making an ocean themed sensory table. I'll be sure to post some pictures.

Oh, wait! The sun is out! We might be bringing the new ocean animals outside to the water table instead. I'd also like to get my window boxes all planted today.

And one more thing. I have yet to read the article, but this cover really rubs me the wrong way! I actually love Dr. Sears and consider myself to mostly follow the attachment parenting style, but the way the media portrays it is ridiculous. And STOP trying to make moms doubt themselves. We do it enough on our own. I should read the article before commenting about this any further ;)
Have a marvelous day my friends!!!

XOXO Sarah


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  1. I read the article and was disappointed with the way Time portrayed mom's who breastfeed...while I was unable to do that for Kaleb, I am a big fan of other things that Dr. Sears has to say!!