Friday, July 13, 2012

House Hunting Shenanigans

Happy Friday!!  It is another hot day in Southern Ontario. Since moving here from Florida, I LOVE the hot weather! Only thing missing is the beach to go along with it!

When we were in Massachusetts for the past two weeks we did a little house hunting. Our experience thus far has shown us that some sellers are absolutely CRAZY!

We looked at 5 houses total, and we made an offer on one we thought was absolutely perfect for us. The only thing we needed to do was replace the carpet and put a fence outside. It had an above ground salt water pool, and a nice stone patio. The kitchen was redone with granite countertops and it had hardwood floors on the first floor, with a finished basement that had a nice bar. We fell in love. We put in our offer and the seller accepted and signed it. Great, we were all set to close the end of October. Sounds too good to be true right?  A few days passed by and the seller was having second thoughts, he pulled his house off the market, and didn't want to move forward with the signing of the purchase and sales agreement. My hubs and I were heartbroken.  I don't understand why this seller would have listed his house for 80 days and then turnaround and decide that far into it they didn't want to sell? CRAZY!

We had to move on, so we looked at a few more houses. We put in another offer, but the seller didn't want to close in October he wanted to push it closer to September. This doesn't work for us considering we probably won't be moving until early to mid November. Keep in mind this house has been on the market for over 100 days, and we had met the seller and he stated he didn't really know where he was going to move to. CRAZY!

So we are still searching my real estate agent's website, but we are no longer in Massachusetts so we can't look at anything. We will have to travel back there in September to really figure it out.

Do you have any interesting house hunting stories? Please share them with me!




  1. My husband and I moved from Massachusetts to Florida a few years ago with two young children. We flew down to Winter Haven and had a week to find a home. We also found one we loved and put in an offer on it. The seller took almost the whole week to respond and then refused our offer and any subsequent offers we had. Meanwhile our time was running out, so we had to rush and find something else. We did, but we didn't love it like the first home so we put a deposit on it and started the paperwork. When we arrived in Florida to stay a few months later, we found that we couldn't close right away, and we couldn't move in. So we had a national moving company in front of the house with all our stuff and nowhere to put it. Finally, they agreed we could put it in the garage, but that we couldn't move in. So off to a motel for a while. Then, a few days later, driving to the closing, my husband and I said to each other, "this doesn't feel right. Maybe we should back out." But we did end up signing papers and moving in. A few months later, my husband's new job took a big pay cut and we ended up going into foreclosure and losing the house. My husband and I regret not having listened to our "inner voices" on our way to the closing. We would have saved sooo much money and agony. Lesson learned: always listen when the Holy Spirit shouts at you!

  2. Hey Lisa! That was quite an experience for you! Thanks for sharing! I used to live in South Florida and moved there from massachusetts also. Funny how we have that in common! Thanks for reading! :) ~Katey