Thursday, July 26, 2012

We've Been Busy

Hello friends! Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, but I'll make up for it today. Things here have been crazy busy. Good things and stressful things. This summer has certainly not been boring! I almost wish it was.

We started May off with the hubs having just about a week stay in the hospital with Cellulitis and a GI bug. It was pretty scary for the first few days because the doctors weren't really sure what was up. We had some gorgeous weather though.

June brought lots of busyness with it. we have a crazy amount of June birthdays in my family. Including me and Liza. I posted about Liza's fun birthday party here, but I don't think I've told you about the hives. Nope, not beehives. These hives:

Crazy, right? Liza was diagnosed with a virus called Erythema Multiforme. This is a virus that is not contagious, but causes red spots that are distributed pretty evenly on the body. It's insane and looks horrible. On day 10 of this virus, we were seen by an allergist. The allergist diagnosed her with a hive virus. So, she just randomly gets res spots/hives for no reason. Since it's been a whole month, we are getting some blood work done to check for allergies, but the allergist is pretty certain this will just be a case of Chronic Hives. Could last a long time. Sigh.

We spent a lot of time at home in June. Even though Liza isn't contagious, I didn't want other families to feel like she was if we were out and about. Thankfully, she doesn't always look this bad. It seems to have gotten better in the way that her breakouts aren't nearly as intense, but it still happens almost daily.

At first, July was settling down. We took a weekend road trip to Maryland to visit family and spent one night in DC so we could take Liza to the zoo. It was amazing!


Driving more than eight hours with a two year old isn't the most fun thing to do, but we made the best of it and enjoyed a little family time!

I love pictures of Liza with her daddy! Melts my heart a little.

This is pretty much the only one of me and my girl all summer. A certain someone needs to start using the camera a little more!!

We were also thrilled to celebrate our best friend's wedding. Liza was the flower girl and my hottie hubby was the best man.

 I could not get a picture of her looking at the camera to save my life, but you can still see how adorable she looked in her dress!

Unfortunately, we discovered lots of fleas on our cats. And fleas in our house. It has been a pretty stressful week with flea bombing and the exterminator coming. We've been staying at my parents' house all week so that we won't be around the chemicals. Fleas are such bastards!! Thankfully, this is the first time that we've had fleas, but really, it's not making me want to keep my kitties around. Animals can be such a pain!

So, that about wraps up my summer so far. I hope your summer has been a little less stressful than mine! here's to a fabulous August!!!

XOXO Sarah


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  1. Such sweet pictures! Poor Liza - hope her hives clear up! Josiah started getting rashes all over his body, too, and he was recently diagnosed with lyme disease. *sigh* AND hernia. *double sigh* He'll need surgery soon to correct it; I'm trying not to get too nervous.