Friday, February 24, 2012

10 Things That the Husbands are Smiling About :)

Get your mind out of the gutter! That is not what we are talking about! We just thought it would be fun to share a little more about our husbands and what they are loving right now.

You already met Katey's husband, Matt, when he cooked up some yummy Mango Salsa. Katey and Matt have been married for 6 years!

Choptimus Prime

Here are the top five things Matt is enjoying these days.

1. Cliff Mojo Bars are sweet and salty trail mix bars that help Matt curve his appetite a bit in between meals. They are so yummy, not to mention healthy!

2.  The Words with Friends iphone app. He has been playing religiously for months. It can be very addicting but tons of fun! Best of all this app is free!! ( as long as you don't mind ad in between word plays)

3. He loves his bright orange Mario Batali Crocs. He only wears them around the house, and likes them for cooking in the kitchen because they have a slip resistant sole.

4. Matt is the cook in our house as you might have already guessed! He uses Barberian's Steak Seasoning, and finds it to be a versatile spice. It is also good on chicken, fish, and vegetables! Next time he will purchase it in bulk!

5. In our house we love red wine, in fact we buy it by the case! Matt loves to drink red wine out of our Crate and Barrel stemless wine glasses. They are light weight and easy to store, and very modern!

Meet Sarah's hubby, Guillermo! They have been married for 5 1/2 years and have known each other since they were in the First grade.

He is very excited to share with you some of the things he is into these days!

1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari has been very inspiring to Guillermo. This book tells the story of a big-time lawyer who becomes a Monk after a major heart attack. It is a great reminder of how important it is to take the time to discover what it is you really love to do in life.

2. The 90 Day Challenge by Visalus has helped him to lose 25 pounds in the past 4 months by replacing his breakfast and lunch with yummy shakes (I've taste-tested!). He has been super busy with work and getting to the gym hasn't been possible. It's amazing how easy it has been for him to stick with this program. I honestly didn't think he would be faithful to it since he loves food so much! Check it out.

3. Even as a die hard Celtics fan, Guillermo can't help but root for Jeremy Lin. He is a sucker for a good underdog story and basketball runs through his veins. 

4. Guillermo insists that Balvenie is the best single malt whiskey that you can buy for under $50. Before my grandfather passed away, there were many hours that they spent sipping and discussing whiskey. They even read books about it. Apparently it is very interesting. Balvenie is also the go-to gift for any of the men in my family. 

5. Guillermo loves food. He loves eating it, cooking it, and shopping for it! Whole Foods can sometimes be a little more expensive, but for some reason, it is just so much more fun to shop there. He has told me more than once that it's all about the, "experience of picking out our food." Crazy boy :)

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our favorite guys a little bit more. What are your guys loving right now?

XOXO Katey & Sarah


  1. Ha Jon loves whiskey too! I hate it!!

    1. not sure why it says unknown...Sarah it Vanessa if you haven't figured it out!

  2. Funny how NOT like my husband yours are! Hehe. I WISH Phil were the cook in our house, although he does help me out a lot. Ooh, I love Whole Foods too, but they are muy expensivo; more like "Whole Paycheck."

    We get, like, two TV channels, and every so often we'll sit down and watch Criminal Minds. I LOVE that he'll watch - and actually get into! - some of the more girly series that I've checked out of the library - like Gilmore Girls. We've been getting Castle and The Good Wife as they've come out on DVD and enjoy both shows.

    As I've become impassioed about natural, healthy, eco-friendly things for our family, my faithful hubby has stood by me and even seems to agree with my obsessions. :)

    Neither of us are crazy about alcohol but we love Mike's Hard Lemonade (and their other blends).

    Eh... that's all I can think of for now. Phil's always into diesel trucks and Power Wagons and tractors, but that's nothing new.

    1. Their is a supermarket over the border in Niagara Falls NY called Wegmans it is kind of a mix of a whole foods/whoesale store/grocery really is amazing and not as expensive as whole foods but not quite as cheap as your local walmart supercenter. I think they are going to be coming to the New England area. Matt and I often watch criminal minds too! It is soo good! He works early mornings ( like 4:30am) so he is never up when I watch my girly stuff! I think he is secretly happy about that! haha!
      Love reading your comments! :)