Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Old Frames a New Way

Hey There :)

I have been bit by the DIY bug this week. I go through these stages where I get crafty, but then need a break from it. Does this ever happen to you?

I have had these frames laying around the house since Liza's first birthday party, and I finally did something about them.

Here they are at the birthday party...

here they are being spray painted in my garage...

and here they are now...

Ignore that mess.

They hang on the empty wall space between Liza's bed and door. 

I didn't try too hard on these frames since they are so cheap. I lightly sanded them and then spray painted them pink. I used 3M Command Strips to hang them on the wall. They are not perfect, but I'm just happy that they finally found a home! I used things that I already had in Liza's room to fill the frames. A few pictures, her ruby slippers, a card from my baby shower, the note card from her little crib at the hospital, and a letter L that my aunt made.

Not too bad, right? Do you want to see some other pictures of her room? It's my favorite room in my house because it's the only one that is even close to being "done." 

Here is the mural that my mom painted for her before she was born. I love it. Don't mind the cute little girl that wanted to be in all the pictures. 

You're also getting a peak at her big girl bed. Around here we call it the Princess Dora bed. Underneath that pretty comforter this bed looks like Dora pimped it out :) She loves Dora, Princesses, and Minnie Mouse and I love that I can add them into her room without them taking it over. Hopefully, I will be DIYing a little soft headboard for her so it looks a little less like a mattress & box spring sitting on the floor. I'll wait until she is a little bigger before putting them on a frame.

Here is the view from her door.

Liza was coloring right before I took this.  That's what is on the middle of the floor.

The infamous Ikea spice racks turned book shelves.

When she was younger and less wiggly, we used the dresser as her changing table. There is no room in this house for any extra furniture! I still keep her diapers and wipes there.

The frame under the shelves on the right has no glass. I plan to add a little clip to it so I can change out her art work. It's currently framing he last finger-painting that I taped to the wall. The two circle frames are plastic. Saftey first people :)

I still have some things left to do in here, but I love it! I'm so glad that I did not give her a themed nursery, because I really think this room will be able to grow with her. The only thing that has changed since she was born is her bed.

Well, that's it! The grand tour. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed it.

XOXO Sarah


  1. Hm... I left a comment and it didn't post! I love Liza's room, especially the cubbies with fabric bins and book rack. So sweet! I like to rearrange my kiddos' rooms and periodically try things from other parts of the house.

  2. adorable! We have a shower curtain that would look lovely on her windows ;). lol. I do love that blue and pink theme, the sassies here have old blue and pink flowered wall paper that might or might not change. That mural is fantastic though! The frames turned out really well, I like the idea of reusing things already existing into them.

  3. Love the room! I am not ready to turn Allie's room into a big girl room! Do I have to? LOL