Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Bee Day Party

Hello Readers!

It's been another crazy few days in my house with birthday parties and a sick two year old. 

I thought you might like to see a few birthday party pictures! I am happy with the way things turned out. Especially because I felt like I just threw it together and didn't plan it months in advance!

Enjoy :)

I found some free printable s here and bought some yellow lanterns from the Dollar Spot at good ole Target. The cake was ordered from Wright's Dairy Farm and was amazing!

I made the cupcakes! Funfetti anyone? The cute sugar bees came from here.

A few balloons added to the simple party decor and my mom's garden's did the rest of the work.

Since there were about 30 kids invited, I knew that something must be done for them and I hired Liza's music teacher to come do some fun things with them. 

See the little boy and girl sitting near me? Katey's kids!
 She was amazing. And not all the kids showed up, but a bunch more joined us after this picture was taken.

The tots loved her!

The very hungry and tired birthday girl.

Cake time!

Let me have some of yours, please!

Oh, and yours!

Thanks for looking! I'll be back tomorrow.

XO  Sarah


  1. Great job with the party Sarah, she is getting so big and beautiful!!!!

    Keep the posts coming!!!
    Angel :)

  2. Elijah said, "Oo, that's a nice picture!" when he saw the last one. :)