Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Hi friends!

This week has been pretty rainy. And cold. After such a beautiful May, it is hard to go back to wearing jeans and sweatshirts! I even turned on my heat yesterday (in JUNE) because I could not shake the chill!

So, we went from this-

to this-

She really wants to be outside. Like always.  I love it.

We have both been a little sick with sore throats and runny noses, so having to hang out inside probably has been good for us. I think I get cabin fever more than my little girl though!

Here is what we did to combat the boredom yesterday.

We had a picnic lunch right in the living room.

We made a tent city. The tents are connected by a tunnel. We usually add a third tent (Liza happened to get lots of them for Christmas) and another tunnel, but didn't have the space in her room. These tents have been awesome throughout the long winter. I even managed to squeeze in a tent to play!

She played with her doll house, and this is the first time I have noticed Liza really pretending with the dolls. I usually model how to play, but she did it all on her own!

Towards the end of the afternoon, Liza was getting antsy so we played some more physical games. We ran and jumped up and down the hallway, we ran down the hallway and jumped in the hula hoop,

 and we rolled a ball into the hula hoop.

How have you been spending your days? Has it been raining where you are?

XOXO Sarah

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  1. Ugh... I'm sick of this grey, rainy weather. My kids want to get outside, too! In fact, Josiah kept putting his shoes on and trying to open the door even though we could plainly see it was pouring outside. *sigh*

    I pretty much let the kids play together since they're [usually] good at coming up with their own games. Sometimes I put on a DVD, take out some easy board games and puzzles or whatever. During some of the respites between rain showers we had to pick some spinach from the garden because it's been growing like crazy.

    My kiddos LOVE to push the furniture together to make pathways, jumping boards into pretend water, etc. We had a couple tents (that fell apart pretty easily) and they were a big hit while they lasted.

    I don't try too hard "entertaining" my kids because I don't always get it right. If we do something together it's usually reading books. Josiah doesn't have much patience for too many stories but Gwen could sit down and read for hours. :) Mama's little girl!