Friday, November 30, 2012

Celebrating Baby Boy

Happy Friday!

I am very happy that Friday is here. I am looking forward to Liza's playdate this morning and to having my husband around all weekend. I hope to get our Christmas tree and house decorated and plan to sneak in a little extra mommy sleep. Or shopping. We'll see.

Last weekend, my mom graciously planned a shower for me to celebrate my baby boy. We tried to keep it very small with family and only a few of my close friends. I felt so blessed that anyone would come at all!

Here are a few pictures that I am very grateful to Katey for snapping!

The belly.

Sarah's Baby Shower-090 by kakeyb

Sarah's Baby Shower-089 by kakeyb

The punch was super cute!

The cake table.
The wishing tree.
Sarah's Baby Shower-037 by kakeyb 
Me and my girl.

 Sarah's Baby Shower-054 by kakeyb
No surprise here, Liza's favorite part of "baby brother's party" was the marshmallows!

Sarah's Baby Shower-065 by kakeyb
Laughing at Katey's gift. Pee Pee Teepees! Haha.

Sarah's Baby Shower-080 by kakeyb
With Katey!
Sarah's Baby Shower-095 by kakeyb
I truly am blessed beyond words and am so thankful for all those who helped me celebrate my boy. Just nine more weeks until my due date. SUPER crazy!
Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back next week with some new ideas to do with your kiddos.
XOXO Sarah 


  1. looks like a wonderful day, and you look AMAZING!!!

  2. Looks like fun... and I think I have that super-cute punch idea on my Pinterest boards. :) You look GREAT! It's so exciting, looking forward to a newborn - I can't wait, either.

    Today we'll be setting up our Little People manger scene and decorating; sometime this week we'll pick a Charlie Brown tree from the yard and decorate it. I love Christmastime!