Monday, November 19, 2012

Just Hanging Out

A whiny toddler while you're frantically trying to throw something together for dinner?  Anyone??

 I am sure you've been there at some point and that's where I found myself on Friday afternoon.

I needed to think quick and distract her with something new to do. Something that wouldn't cause a huge mess and something that would hold her interest long enough for me to finish the mashed potatoes.

My solution? A clothes line!

I found a long piece of ribbon and tied it between two chair. Then I grabbed a bunch of scrap fabric and some clothes pins and threw them in a basket. I showed her how to squeeze the clothespins and drape the fabric over the ribbon.

Opening the clothespins and clipping them to the ribbon was a little too challenging for Liza, but she improvised and clipped them to the bottom of the fabric that was hanging on the clothesline.

Sometimes it is good to give our kiddos a task that is a bit too challenging for them.

Not so challenging that it becomes frusturating and unenjoyable, but challenging enough to keep them intrigued and excited to figure out their own solutions.

Clothes pins are great way to practice fine motor skills and how cute would a little clothes line be in a playroom? I wish we had a playroom!


It was a difficult task for her, but she was into it. I was able to finish dinner and snap a few pictures before we were interrupted by a little potty accident :)

I'll be back this week with a Thanksgiving post. Can you believe it's Thanksgiving week?!?!

XOXO Sarah


  1. great idea!!!!!!! Love it!

  2. What a GREAT idea!!! I'm seriously gonna do this today!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Haha! I love it. What a great idea!!

  4. Great idea! I should do this to keep Drew entertained while I'm on conference calls.

  5. I love this and wish I had this tip when my kids were toddlers! THANK YOU and Happy T Day!

  6. awesome idea! i've got to remember this and get some clothespins! :)

  7. What's that expression - necessity breeds invention, or something like that? When you're desperate you'll come up with something. My kids typically enjoy sensory thinsg, like playdough, and using the playdoug as props for cars, animals, etc. Cute idea with the clothesline!

    I can't believe it's Thanksgiving week. Gwen turned five yesterday, Josiah turns three tomorrow, then we have Thanksgiving, then we have a party for the kiddos on Friday, and Dan and his wife are staying with us. Who's busy?!

  8. That's awesome!!! My Jackson would love that!