Friday, January 4, 2013

Getting Ready for Baby

I am SO glad today is Friday!

I have been on a nesting kick since the day after Christmas. I have almost finished tearing apart every.single corner of my house. One last trip to Ikea tonight and I should officially have a spot for everything.

There will be no more hiding crap in closets when people come over.

I cannot deal with it anymore. This house is too small for us and the only solution is to simplify what we keep hanging around.

Anyway, that's not what this post is about :) Back to my nesting...

I *think* I can officially say that I have everything that I need for the new baby. He will hopefully make his appearance this month! Eeeek!

I've been thinking a lot about baby stuff and thought I should re-share this post from last year that lists some of our favorite baby gear items. Check it out and leave some comments with your favorite baby gear.

I'm also curious to find out what your favorite things for a new baby are. Not necessarily big gear items, but what are the little things that you couldn't live without? I need to know! I feel like I must be forgetting something :)

XOXO Sarah


  1. yay!!!!! Let's go Baby!!!! I'm sure you have everything - everyone's list is so different, as long as I had my boppy and aden & anais blankets I was good to go ;-)

  2. I feel pretty confident you've thought of everything and then there are those babies that have their own preferences, wants and needs! But here are some things I consider essential or essentially awesome:
    Nursing -- woven wrap, burp rags, nursing pads and cover (There are these new ponchos that I really want and I need to have another baby!), pillows
    Feeding -- silcone bibs with a pocket for catching crumbs, short sippy cups w/handles, heat sensing baby spoons
    Diapering -- Burt's Bees diaper cream, chlorine free diapers, Pampers sensitive wipes, changing pad
    Soothing -- baby swing and of course a carrier
    Travel -- baby trend car seat and stroller, stroller blankets, Boba structured carrier
    Sleeping -- co-sleeper

  3. Don't forget your boobs. You need your boobs. :) xoxo Renee

  4. I am so ready for my baby to come, too! I have to wait till the end of February, though I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she might show up early like the other two (just not TOO early - we want her to be healthy!).

    I'm so sick of doctor's apts, getting weighed, feeling achey and not being able to sleep! And we don't really need much this time around, so it's not like I feel unprepared in that respect.

    This time around I've added some wool to my diaper stash and am excited about trying those. Since I'm hoping to start elimination communication from the get-go, I'll have the little potty out as well.

    I didn't like our bedside cradle so I consigned it and am borrowing Nichole's arms' reach co-sleeper, which I think will help a lot. I think it's great to borrow what you can, since babies grow so quickly! I just need to set up the changing table, wash the first round of clothes and make sure the wool is lanolized. Still need to get some wipes, baby wash and little things like that.

    I just ordered an amber necklace and am curious to see if that helps with the teething stage; I know you really like Liza's. There are a few things I hope to purchase, like a baby's first year calendar (I like it for easily keeping track of milestones) and "Your Birthday Book: A Keepsake Journal," which I already have for Gwen and Josiah.

    Oh - and how I would like a diaper sprayer and flushable diaper liners! I already made a set of three blankies/lovies (I think they make excellent security objects) and picked out a brand new stuffed animal (the Jellycat Woodland Bunny - so cute and amazingly soft!). I'm also going to make some cute headbands with skinny elastic and rolled fabric flowers; I've already made a few flowers and am waiting to get the elastic, which I ordered from Etsy.

    But to answer your question: small essentials (in my humble opinion) are baby wash, burp cloths, waterproof pads (I use them everywhere!), pacis, lullaby CDs and some sort of natural toy (rattle, block, whatever). Oh, and a perpetually clean house and someone to cook meals would be nice, too. :P