Friday, January 18, 2013


Hi friends!

I thought I would share another super easy, cheap, not too messy activity with you!

You all know how much I love Target, right? Well, in addition to all the bathing suites that are out right now (why must they put them out in January?!) their Dollar Spot aisles are full of new and fun things. It makes me happy.

Anyway, I grabbed a few things for Liza to do for Valentine's Day. One of them was a pack of $1 foam heart stickers.

Dear foam heart stickers, I love love love you for providing my toddler so many hours of entertainment! xoxo

  • Stickers
  • Paper
  • Crayon
  • Make a bunch of x's (or any mark) all over a piece of paper.
  • Let your toddler place the stickers over the marks.

This such a simple activity, but it does have benefits! Your kiddo is using his/her fine motor skills with each step in the process. Peeling the backers from the stickers and placing them on a specific marks supports fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Look at that concentration!

You could also take this activity a step further and have create a color matching game. Simply draw your x's in the different colors of the stickers and have your kiddo match the sticker to the correct color x.

Have fun! And remember, you don't have to shell out a lot of money to create simple learning experiences for your kids!

XOXO Sarah


  1. I love this idea for my grandkids... so easy, yet endless possibilities and creations! Thanks for the hearts' up!

  2. Great post. Stickers!! I need to restock. Even my oldest still loves them. He'll put them all over the paper and then spend an hour drawing and coloring a background.

  3. I love this! Thanks for the great idea (and another thing I can buy at target in the name of learning things for my kids, ha!)

  4. Thanks! It's so easy to forget that the simplest things can provide such benifits for our kiddos!!

  5. What a fun (but frugally sound) activity - I love it! And I second Sharon's comment - thanks for the heart's up! ;)

  6. THis is such a cute idea! I know G would love this. Time to go back to Target!

  7. Love stickers (and Target!)! What a great activity!

  8. This is a great activity. When your daughter is a little older, these hearts could be used to practice reading. I love your creativity!