Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mom Before Mom: Childhood Bedroom

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Writing Prompt: What did your childhood bedroom look like? Give a tour. How did it change as you matured?

I remember moving to our new house when I was ten years old. Only one tragic thing happened during this move. Somehow, my Saved by the Bell posters were all lost.Ya, I'm pretty sure it was my mom who "lost them." Sigh.

I've never fully recovered from this ;)

I had the bigger bedroom that had two closets and three windows. I wish I had that closet space now!

The walls were sponge painted pink and purple by my mother, who also made big, pink balloon curtains for my window. My bed frame was a pretty wooden antique piece and a pink hand-made quilt covered my matress.

I had a shelf over my bed that held porcelain dolls. Most of them gifts from my grandparents. Most of them are in my basement today. I am not good at throwing things away.

There was a lot of pink. It was the early 90's. You get it.

I grew out of the pink and by the time I made it to high school, I was dying for a change.

The makeover started with a hand-made Amish quilt that we found while vacationing in Lancaster, PA. I am fairly certain that my parents spent way too much money on this.  It was hunter green and sunflowers. Totally different then the pink and I loved it.

My mom re-painted the walls with a faux painting technique called ragging (she was into faux painting). They were a lot more neutral this time around and they stayed this way for many years. Actually until it was painted for my niece not too long ago! I love that my niece now has my old room (and a lot of my old stuff!).

I decorated the walls with those awesome Kim Anderson prints that were all the rage. Most of mine were greeting cards that I would get from my friends. We were super cool and would write each other cards back and forth and then frame them.

Oh, to be in high school again! Actually, I don't wish that. Not even a bit.

After high school. I moved my room to the attic and painted the walls purple and filled every nook and cranny of pictures of me and my friends. Or me and my boyfriend (who is now my husband). All those pictures are still in frames and in boxes in my basement.

I told you, I'm not good at getting rid of things ;)

I was always so jealous of my friends who had bedrooms plastered with posters and teen magazine cutouts. They were so cool. My mom would never let me be cool. I was never allowed to tape things to my wall or even have a real "themed" room. I am actually not a fan of overly themed rooms as an adult. My babies don't have a typically decorated nursery and probably never will.

I guess I take after my mom!

What was your childhood room like?

XOXO Sarah


  1. I had a purple room too!! I am right there with you with the themed rooms, we did pick a bit of a theme to help us choose colors but we never really decorated much or got too into it with the kids rooms.

  2. I remember Kim Anderson prints!!! I can barely remember my room except for grey carpet, lol.

  3. at least you had painted walls! My paneling was so boring ;-) Sounds like great memories, and I love that your niece has your old room!! Oh, and no themes in my kids' rooms -- just colors I liked for them.

  4. I remember sponge painting ;) My room went from the teenybop posters (Kirk Cameraon 4-eva) to my "save the world" crusade, with Greenpeace and WWF posters, to my love affair with U2 and the city of Paris. So random!

  5. I moved a lot as a kid because my Dad was in the Navy... but my first OWN bedroom was while we lived in New Hampshire and I loved it so much. I especially loved the 2 big windows that gave me places to look at the moon and snow plows and maple trees and small flower gardens and JUST DREAM!

  6. Once we got rid of the orange we painted my room purple, even though my sister hated it.

  7. I had PINK everywhere and lots of flowers, rainbows, and unicorns! Love this series!!!

  8. I remember that lovely faux painting phase. Lol My high school bedspread was also hunter green. :)

  9. I had a bedroom with purple carpet that I thought was sooooooo awesome..... needless to say that was a little to much purple and I had to have it for so long because it wasn't cheap! Cute post!

  10. I plastered my room in pics. I hope Addie isn't like me in that respect! Too cluttered.

  11. Very cute post. I had pink all over!

  12. Your room was one of my favorite rooms of my friends!