Friday, April 12, 2013

Simple Name Puzzle

Liza has known how to identify her name for quite a while, but she is recently into spelling it.

Her big cousin made up a little chant and now Liza loves to sing it, "L-I-Z-A!"

I figured that now is the perfect time to make some little name games for her. Don't get excited, this is nothing fancy. I literally did this is 5 seconds, and you will totally be able to tell!

Doesn't matter, she loves it. It does the trick for now.

  • Paper
  • Crayons

  • I folded and cut a piece of large construction paper in half.
  • Next, I divided each half into fours (to match the amount of letters in her name).
  • I cut up one half into four squares.
  • I wrote her name on all pieces in each space.
  • I demonstrated how she would match the letters up and/or put them in order to correctly spell her name.

See, I told you this was nothing fancy.

One more thing, I truly believe that you should teach your children how to identify and/or write thier name properly. This means that they have one uppercase letter and the rest are lowercase (in most cases)! Please, please don't teach your kiddos only uppercase letters :)

XOXO Sarah


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