Monday, April 8, 2013

The Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Hello! We are linking up to the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by the lovely ladies over at 5 minutes for Mom.

Simply Mommies was started as a way for Katey and Sarah to share their journey through motherhood and connect (and learn!) from other mothers a long the way. 

We are a few weeks into our second year of blogging and still trying to find our way. We hope to accomplish a little blog makeover and create a solid goal for Simply Mommies in the upcoming months.

We hope you'll stick around as we grow and stretch our blog muscles. Please be sure to leave your blog link below!

Here is a little about us:

Hi there! I am Katey, and I love that spring is finally here! It's been a long winter for my thin Floridian blood. My family just moved back to Massachusetts after living in sunny south Florida for 5 years than Southern Ontario Canada for 2 years! We have had quite a journey, and plan on staying put for a while and raise our little family. I love photography, reading, writing, the beach, warm sunshine, and couldn't make it through the day without coffee!

I have three beautiful children with one more one the way, due in July. I have a crazy house at times but its a lot of fun and I wouldn't change it for the world.  I became a stay at home Mom almost three years ago when we moved from Florida to Canada. It has been wonderful. I used to be an administrative assistant for a large office. 

I find staying home to be challenging at times, but I LOVE it!

Be sure to follow my Project 52 on Wednesdays until December. It is a challenge to take a picture a week. Usually the picture is prompted by a theme of the week. I would love if you joined in!

So that's me in a nutshell! :)



I'm Sarah, and boy am I excited to be sitting outside on the patio blogging today! I love God, my family, iced coffee, makeup, bags of all kind, making friends, writing, day-dreaming, and getting my hair done. I can seriously never straighten it like my stylist does. 

I am blessed to have married my best friend and together we have two gorgeous kiddos.
My Liza has been my inspiration for this blogging journey and has kept me motivated to create the learning experiences for her that I share here on the blog.

 I am excited to share how important play is for all children and can't wait to look deeper into how infants play through the eyes of my new baby, Will. 

I am a former Early Childhood educator (Kindergarten being my favorite!)  and now stay home with my kiddos. I put myself through college as a bartender and waitress, and I can't understand how I was ever able to stay up till all hours of the night (morning?) while wearing makeup and heels.

I am a terrible housewife, but I like to think I am a pretty good mama. 

Before I had kids I enjoyed manicures, pedicures, leisurely reading, going out for dinner, doing my hair, and finishing an entire cup of coffee. 

Now, I am blessed to enjoy blogging, sleepless nights (not wearing heels), yoga pants, my curly hair, Pinterest, Instagram, and play dates!

Raising a family has been the most wonderful and exhausting experience of my life and I am beyond thankful for it.

XOXO Sarah

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  1. I am a terrible housewife too. My poor husband lol

    But how the heck can you keep the house clean while home with the kids all day? I mean, seriously?


  2. Nice "meeting" you! I enjoyed you introduction post! Reading it, I find a lot in common! I would love to stay in touch and "follow" each other!


  3. girls, i can not make it through my day without iced coffee either. (all year long) LOL

  4. I was going to do this but I've been so busy!!! What fun!

  5. Yay! You linked up. This is such a fun blog hop! COFFEE!! Always iced since it will be cold when I drink it anyway! :)

  6. Hahaha! I actually have a tag that says "Darlena is a shitty housewife" lol. Found you through the party and following via GFC! Hope you'll come check out my page, too!

    1. Thanks for following!! Definitely going to check out your blog! :)

  7. I’m late! I’m late! I’m stopping by from the UBP13. I hope you stop by our party for a slice of warm banana bread and cold milk.