Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Mind

It seems that my mind is always racing. I have a never ending list of things that should be done and things I'd like to accomplish. Like all the things I've pinned on Pinterest. My mind is totally a Pinterest board.

Then there is all the every day things.

Clean the kitchen, take a shower, the kids need a bath. Crap! What's for dinner? S!*t the only pants that fit this post-baby body are in the washer.


The baby needs to nurse.


The toddler wants me to play.

I'm fairly certain you all know what I am talking about. I guess it's called LIFE.

And I have the itch to write. But I've got writer's block, of course. So, that brings us to this post of randomness.

So, without further ado, here are some random things going on in my mind.

1. Preschool.

Do I send my almost three year old in the fall or keep her home one more year? I'm torn. I see the benefit of both options, but I am leaning towards waiting until she is four. This also means I get to play school at home and plan lessons for her ;)

2. My house.

It's so dang small so I am constantly reorganizing and de-cluttering. I've done three little projects that make me like my house a *teeny* bit more.

I created a chalkboard. I still need to caulk and paint, but I LOVE it and wish I would have made it bigger.

I painted my chandelier.

And I am almost done painting my dinning room table with the DIY chalk paint that I made!

There is also a sliver of a chance that we might re-do our kitchen through Ikea. SO excited.

3. A Pirate Party

A pirate party for Liza's 3rd birthday is brewing in my mind. I've been busy looking for ideas and trying to figure out how do do something amazing for her while spending as little as possible.


4. Boston

My other city and somewhere I consider HOME.

Feeling scared and sick that things like this happen so close to home.

Feeling thankful that my family wasn't at work that day. My dad, brother, mom, and husband all work right in the city.

Feeling heartbroken for all those who were injured, killed, and otherwise affected.

Feeling pissed at whoever is responsible for this violence.

Feeling fat because I've been stress eating since it happened.

That's all I've got today. Stay tuned for a fun way to paint with your kids tomorrow!!!

God Bless America.

XOXO Sarah

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  1. Dude, I can relate! NOTHING fits me, Adeline spits up and poops on everything, but I love the mandatory breaks that I have to take in order to take care of her. :) I would LOVE to have a baby all the time without having more kids, hehe.

    #1 - I vote for keeping your daughter home for as long as possible; you're her mother, you should be the one to raise her! Have you considered homeschooling? I'm getting a bit freaked about sending a letter of intent to our school district this year, since Gwen will be K-age (she turns 6 this year).

    #2 - I love what you've done with the house - it looks beautiful!

    #3 - I want to have a mermaid party for Gwen at some point but her birthday is in November, when it's cold! Since she and Josiah were born two days apart, I like to combine them, so I have a pirate/mermaid theme in my head. You should check out my pinterest boards ( and

    #4 - My family doesn't work in Boston but it's all so scary and tragic just the same. It's heartwarming to hear about the good that has come out of it; sometimes that's all we can hold onto.

    I had no plans whatsoever for dinner and was relieved when I remembered that my family is coming over, bringing pizzas - all I'm doing is an apple crisp.