Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tot School Fun: Apples 1

Happy Thursday my friends!
My little one woke up with a fever yesterday morning. It's so sad to see your baby sick, but I will confess that I've been enjoying the snuggles.
The other day we went apple picking with my bestie and two of her boys. Liza was so excited to pick apples. She kept telling me, "Mommy, we are picking apples just like my story, right?!"
We've been reading The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall. It tells the story of two little girls who have an apple tree in their backyard. It's a simple story and I love how it incorporates science by the illustrations of an apple tree through the different seasons. If Liza was older, we would have a lot of fun with that :)
Here are some things that we have done this month.
Tissue Paper Apples: 
  •  red and green tissue paper
  • contact paper
First I cut out some circles from my roll of contact paper. Then Liza (with a little help from me) ripped up some tissue paper and stuck it on the sticky side of the contact paper.

In case you noticed Liza's huge band aid....she burned her arm last week on a hot pan. So sad! It is healing beautifully and we are keeping it covered in antibiotic cream (which you can see seeping through the fabric band aid).
And here are the final products! Perfect window clings!

I also took out the sensory bin and added the tissue paper to it. I hoped that Liza would continue ripping and/or crumpling the paper. This is a simple activity that children of all ages can enjoy while strengthening their fine motor skills. You can add different  types of paper in too. Or for  older children, throw in some kid safe scissors!

She had some fun with it :)
Liza also looked at an apple that we picked with a magnifying glass. She mostly enjoyed pulling off the leaves that were still on the stem.

Oh, and eating it!

That's what we've been up to!

Hope you are well and that you are having a fabulous day.

XO Sarah


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