Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day

Labor Day has always been an important day to me.

It meant the day before the first day of school. The official end of summer. It meant a day spent with family and friends. Hot dogs, ice cream sundaes, and lots of silly traditions.

But it wasn't just Labor Day in my family. It was the Annual Paddy Skerritt Golf Tournament at my grandparent's house. You see, my grandfather created a little golf course in one of their fields and named it after a golfer friend of his in Ireland.

Every year on Labor Day, family and friends competed in a golf tournament. The prizes were legendary. Pens, Dollar Store shot glasses, maybe a bookmark, and if you won First Place you might get a little nip of whiskey. It was silly. It was fun.

It was weird not having that tradition this year, but we worked hard to create some end of summer memories for my own little family.

Our first lobster of the summer. This never happens only once, but that's the kind of summer
 it's been around here.
Liza's first time eating S'mores.
It's safe to say that she is a fan of these chocolaty gooey sandwiches!

We had clam cakes and chowder with some friends and spent Sunday at the beach!
 My husband insisted on taking a picture of my 18 week baby belly on the beach and I am so glad he did. Someday my new little baby will appreciate this snapshot!

And some yummy clams for luch! I'm glad we were able to cram in some New England summer Must Haves!

So, we said goodbye to summer and are excited to welcome the fall weather and all the fun we are sure to have this season!
I will be back later this week to share with you my plans for Tot School this month. I look forward to sharing some of the fun actities that I do with Liza.
Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!
XOXO Sarah



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