Friday, February 1, 2013

Sticky Heart Window Decoration

Happy February!

Did I ever tell you that I love contact paper?! There are so many fun and easy little activities that it can be used for.

Here is one of my favorites! I usually set this activity up for Liza every season and we display the finished products on our living room window.

  • Contact paper cut into a heart shape (or whatever shape you want!)
  • Bits of torn tissue paper
  • A busy little kiddo

Torn up tissue paper

  • Cut the contact paper into whatever shape you want. We did a heart for Valentine's Day
  • Place on a table or flat surface so that the sticky side of the paper faces up
  • Tear some small pieces of tissue paper (you can also let your kiddo do this if you'd like)

I love this project because it's simple, not too messy, and my 2 1/2 year old can do it independently.

Don't try and be perfect, your kiddo won't care! Look how horrible my heart looks!

See how pretty it looks in the window? I just stuck it up there and pressed down to make sure all the sticky parts of the contact paper stuck to the glass.

Once the heart was done and hanging in the window, Liza decided she wanted more. This time I gave her a paper heart and a glue stick and let her go to town.

The glue stick and torn tissue paper have kept her busy for two days now. No joke. She is busy making everyone "special hearts."

If you want to fancy this project up a little, you could add a border to the contact paper using construction paper (simply cut out a heart outline out of construction paper beforehand and then stick the contact paper over it). I'll admit that this looks prettier with a border, but I'm happy with it regardless :)

Can you believe we're thinking about Valentine's Day already?!

XOXO Sarah


  1. Gorgeous decorations!I can't believe she did that! I am so impressed. I would totally hang them up outside!

  2. Love crafts and especially love homemade Valentines!
    Contact paper is awesome and has served us well for some great crafts like "laminating" book marks or place mats.

  3. This is such a great idea! I love Valentine's decorations. :)