Monday, February 25, 2013

Meet Will

I am finally sitting down to share the newest addition to Simply Mommies.

Meet my precious boy, Will.

We named him William after my husband, who is named Guillermo, but call him Will.

All 5 pounds and 6 ounces of him was born on January 23rd at 4:47pm.

It was a short and easy delivery, much to my surprise.

I expected labor and delivery to be long and strenuous since Liza's was, but this was simple and I imagine, as pleasant as any delivery could be.

The day before Will was born I had a doctors appointment. I had been diagnosed with Interuterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) a few weeks beforehand and had been going to my OBGYN twice a week for an ultrasound and NST test.

All tests and exams had come out perfectly until this appointment where they noticed that my fluid levels were low. My doctor told me to go home and get my bags, take care of Liza and then head to the hospital for my induction.

I was upset. I really did not want to be induced again. I was sad that my body wasn't progressing on its own. I was scared of the Pitocin and long labor ahead of me.

I was a nervous wreck about leaving Liza because I had never been a part from her longer than a few hours.

My hubby and I dropped Liza off with my parents and then grabbed a quick bite to eat. I was sure I wouldn't be allowed food once I was admitted.

I was given a procedure and had a Foley Balloon inserted. My doctor was confident that this would get my body moving before I was administered Pitocin the next day.

It was uncomfortable.

I had a restless night between small contractions, hospital noises, and worrying about Liza and my baby boy. I didn't sleep much at all.

The next morning I was anxious to get to the labor room and get things going, but the triage and labor rooms were busy so I was pushed back. Damn all those women whose bodies naturally went into labor!

I walked the halls. We ate lunch. I sent a bazillion texts to my friends and family. I watched trashy TV while the hubby did some work on his laptop.

A big thanks to the Kardashians for the brainless entertainment.

I was supposed to start Pitocin a 5:30am, but wasn't brought down to the labor rooms until almost 2:00 that afternoon.

I felt giddy with excitement as the nurse walked me to the labor room.


I wanted to go home. I wanted my babies.

Our nerves made us a little chatty with the nurse as she hooked me up to pitocin. The contractions started quickly. We realized our nurse's best friend lives behind us. And we had never met her until she came into the room to say hello! Yup, my neighbor, who is a labor & delivery nurse, came in to meet me during labor. Small world.

Less than an hour after we arrived the shifts changed and we had a new nurse named Elizabeth. She was sweet and soft spoken.

My contractions picked up and hurt like hell.

I asked for an epidural.

My doctor came in once I was set with the amazing epidural and broke my water. This was at 4:15 or so. She told me to take a nap and she would be back in a few hours.

Yah, I was pushing fifteen minutes later. I seriously got my epidural just in time (although I was going through transition as they were setting me up for it).

Things happened so fast. And smoothly. It was such a different experience than my labor with Liza.

I pushed for maybe 20 minutes.

Will was born at 4:47pm and was placed right on my chest. He opened his eyes and looked at me.

It was amazing.

It was peaceful.

It was pretty perfect.

iPhone picture
I feel so blessed to have two beautiful babies.

You can see some more from Will's photo shoot here on the very sweet Sarah Pudlo's blog.

XOXO Sarah


  1. Beautiful boy! I already saw Sarah's photo shoot - simply gorgeous! Must be hard to pick a favorite.

    It's funny reading this now, having just had Adeline on the 20th, but remembering how frustrated I was that my body wasn't progressing either. Both Gwen and Josiah were early, but I had passed the 39 week mark and couldn't believe I would make it to 40 weeks (or beyond!).

    Luckily, my midwives had some tricks up their sleeves that helped me along, after a week of semi-regular contractions that kept fizzling out. On the day of my last doctor's apt my midwife gave me some "homework" and told me to come to the hospital in the afternoon; I didn't think it would work! Went in at 2pm and had Adeline at 5:15pm - not bad!

    I'm not sure how it would feel with an epidural, because even though it's painful, I know what to do and when. I HATED being induced with Gwen, but my past two birth experiences have been pretty easy, even w/o meds. I don't know how long it took, but shortly after they broke my water I could feel that tell-tale pressure (er, pain) and said I needed to push. Adeline was out in about 4-5 contractions! After I pushed the head out she kind of slid the rest of the way, although I paid with stitches for how fast she came. *sigh*

    After all the discomfort of pregnancy and delivery, I told Phil, "That wasn't so bad - I could do it again." Am I crazy?!

  2. Hurrah, what a great birth story! I'm so glad you were happy with your experience. Apparently, being induced or augmented is more painful (I was administered Pitocin with Elijah and I succumbed to the epidural even though I really hate needles!) What was your experience with Liza?