Friday, February 15, 2013

Love/Hate Stay At Home Mom

We haven't done a "10 Things" post in a while and thought it was about time!


I feel very blessed that I am able to stay home with my Liza and Will. Here are 5 reasons why I love it :)
  1. I love the flexibility of creating our own schedule.
  2. I love being a involved in every moment of my babies' lives.
  3. I love being the person to teach my girl (and boy!) life's little lessons during random moments. 
  4. I love wearing yoga pants when I feel like it. 
  5. I love that play dates are just as good for me as they are for Liza (maybe even better?!).

Even though staying home with my children has been my dream for as long as I can remember, there are still times that it is hard and there are still moments that I hate it!
  1. Sometimes I get bored. {Gasp!}
  2. Sometimes I hate that I want to wear yoga pants...
  3. Sometimes I wish I could have a little more adult interaction.
  4. Sometimes I miss having "me time." 
  5. I miss the little bit of extra money we had when I worked. I miss things like pedicures and new clothes whenever I felt like it. 


I am very blessed to have the opportunity to be a stay at home Mama to my three loves.
Here are the reasons I love it:

1. I don't have to report to a boss ( except the hubs hehe)
2. I don't have to get three children ready and myself in the morning and run out the door. This makes it a lot easier!
3. I get to be apart of every moment of my little ones lives.
4. I love being home for my big girl when she gets off the bus.
5. I love the flexibility

Here are the reasons I hate it:

1. I get bored sometimes and feel like my college education is going to waste.
2. I wish I had more adult interaction especially when I catch myself singing kids songs. lol
3. It would be nice to have extra money
4. I would like a reason to get dressed up
5. I am concerned about what I will do when the kids are grown without working and obtaining work experience for a while.

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Tell us about your love-hate relationship with being a mommy!

xoxo Sarah & Katey


  1. I feel the same way. I've been a s@hm for 10 years and can't imagine NOT being home. But I'd also like to be able to pick up and go without an entourage occasionally.

    Stephanie Kay

    1. Entourage is the right word!! It's sometimes so much work to take them out especially in the winter! Most of the time I would rather stay home or go for a walk!

  2. I just want time to myself sometimes. My biggest problem with staying at home is that I've gained weight. When I taught, I walked around the room ALL DAY long.

    1. The winter is tough too! Sometimes I let the shower run a little longer just to have a few more mins to myself lol - Katey

  3. LOVE
    1. Being the one to take care of and raise my own children, there for all those "firsts" and wonderful memories.
    2. Flexibility within our schedule because we're not beholden to job or school.
    3. Learning and discovering along with my children; seeing things through their eyes.
    4. Knowing I'm doing what's best for my kids even though it's hard sometimes.
    5. I don't always acknowledge it, but I know that being a mother is one of the hardest - but best and most rewarding - jobs. It may not always feel like it but it's an honor to raise up little people with the knowledge of God and good values.

    1. The sound of my voice. Sometimes I talk at my kids all day, correcting them or reminding them how to behave or whatever. I miss quiet! Being an introvert, this can be a challenge!
    2. The pressure of making so many daily decisions... what to make for meals, how to answer questions, am I disciplining the right way, WILL I MESS UP MY CHILDREN?!
    3. Feeling stuck. My husband can get a break going to work, going to the fire dept, whatever - but I'm with my kids ALL THE TIME, and if I'm having a hard day I don't have the luxury of avoidance.
    4. Feeling alone/isolated. This is probably similar to #3, but oftentimes I could just dissolve in tears from the fact that it sometimes feels like I'm a single mom and the only one in the world dealing with certain things.
    5. Bored or sick of routine and often not feeling motivated despite all the positives!

    1. I totally relate to your #3 at least the work gives a little change of pace and scenery. There are days I don't leave the house and I am sure you have those days too. And I also feel unmotivated at times! It's the best but hardest job all at the same time! Thanks for sharing! - Katey

  4. Great lists ladies - so very true. For me, I don't get to be a SAHM but I do work (sometimes) flexible hours. I wish I could do more of a true part-time gig - work 3 days a week type of thing. Sadly, as a lawyer, that just doesn't seem possible. I hate missing out on things, but I am very glad my kids are getting so much interaction with other kids!!

  5. My older girl went to daycare when I worked for the first five years of her life until her sister came along. I so wish we could afford to send my younger girl to preschool. It's great that you have a little flexibility in your schedule :) - Katey

  6. A lot of this will be repetition but I LOVE
    1.) Having #1 fans. Is it bad this is on my list? He he. Seriously, though, sometimes my kids make me feel like a rock star.
    2.) Getting lots of kisses and cuddles whenever I want them. (Well, almost. Sometimes they are in a snit.)
    3.) Being able to be the one to take care of the little needs, like nail clipping and hair combing and being there right away when the first cough is coughed and they need extra love.
    4.) Even though I still need to learn to slow down and cook easier meals and stop cleaning the house, I have the option to take it really slow to spend some quality time with them, getting to know their needs as they change so quickly!
    5.) Seeing them develop instead of hearing it from someone else, like I have to tell Micah, "Hey, Liberty did something smart!" or "Elijah said something funny!"

    But I HATE
    1.) When I am trying to get something done or need me time and they interrrupt or cling to me
    2.) That I can't sleep sometimes
    3.) That I have to hear them fight constantly and referee
    4.) Being disrespected
    5.) Feeling taken for granted and stuck when it's usually me, me, me getting up, being with them the whole day unless I have a good excuse like an appointment, waking up in the night, etc. I never get to "come home" from work.