Thursday, March 22, 2012

And the Winner is...

Did I tell you that my camera is broken? Ugh. It's making a sad noise and I am too scared to bring it to get it fixed.

This weather we have been having is just perfect. What a fabulous week! The other day we tried our hand at making some homemade sidewalk paint. We used this tutorial.

All you need is some water, cornstarch, and food coloring. 

It was very simple to make. Of course, involving my tot, things got a little messy :)

Once the colors were all mixed up, we took them outside to our patio!

Our five year old neighbor came over to join in on the fun!

 It dried super cool. It was shiny and raised, but I could scrape it off with my finger. 

 We also tried it with some stamps. Here is a little ladybug!

And in true toddler style, it soon became a sensory experience!

It was so much fun and we will be doing it again soon. I think that next time we will use it on the driveway and not the patio. Here is what it looked like after dumping some water over it and letting it dry.

Yes, I need a pedicure...
I'm pretty sure that if I hose it down it will all come off, but I'll just wait until the next rain shower :)

Here are some other fun things that I have pinned on Pinterest. I hope to accomplish them soon!

I think I'll make Liza a little garden this year. How cute?!


Since the weather is turning warmer, I'll be needing Liza's water table outside.

So, I'll be using something like this for sensory play. It's perfect because it will slide right under my couch when I want to put it away! I already grabbed a bin from Target, but will wait for the cool spell we're having this weekend to put it together.

Check out this cute FREE printable! I think I'll make up something similar for Liza's bedtime routine. Actually, I might just use this one! 

Take a look...source
I've been meaning to make these bubbles too. They are supposed to be awesome! I have all the ingredients so I will try to make them this week. I might make it and pour it into the water table or some other larger container to make it toddler friendly.


Alright, that's all for now. Sorry if I bored you today ;)

Have you tried anything new lately?



Tricked you! I wouldn't post without announcing our giveaway winner!

So, the lucky winner of these fabulous clippys 

is  Rebecca Peluso!

Congrats to Becky! I am sure that Emily will look adorable wearing these clippys! Let me know what color you would like and I'll hand deliver them to you on a playdate!!

That was fun!

XO Sarah & Katey


  1. YAAAY! I'm so excited!! Emily's Easter dress is light purple, but pink would go nice too I think (if I see you before Easter)! I'm making the sidewalk chalk paint today with Emily. I've been meaning to do it for so long (along with all of the other things I've pinned on Pintrest) but seeing Liza have so much fun with it makes me want to make it now!

  2. I made the sidewalk chalk paint for the kiddos last Summer and they loved it. I was surprised how easily it cleaned up, too! I was worried that it would stain their clothing but it kind of just sloughed off.

    We started our garden this year and the kids pitch in with that. Phil was raking it the other day; he got hot so he took his shirt off, then Josiah took his off, so they were both out there bare-chested, each with his own rake! It was the cutest thing. Gwen helped me plant seeds and Josiah is a big help with dirt in general. :) I got some cute wood and metal kid-sized tools on clearance a couple different times. There was an end-of-season sale at Michael's and I put away kid-sized gardening gloves and garden rakes to give as gifts to some friends. I love all those kid-sized things!

    For Easter this year we're doing a small Easter garden in a flat, round pot - it has a stone pathway to a "tomb" with grass growing around it. I made three twig crosses to put on a little hill. :) I have a few fairy gardens pinned to make with/for Gwen; we'll see if I ever get around to it.

    I'm still working on some sewing projects. I got some fabric today to make Mother's Day gifts! A clothespin apron for my mother-in-law and a hot-and-cold pack (probably filled with rice and lavender or whatever) for my Mom. I hope they turn out okay! I just finished a couple fabric headbands and an upcycled skirt for Gwen made from one of my old nightshirts.

  3. After reading about the sidewalk paint I decided to make some with my son this afternoon. We painted some of the driveway and our walkway stones. THANK YOU for this awesome and fun idea!! Keep them coming!!!!!! - Jessica L.