Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Celebrating the Reason for Easter

In our families, Easter is not all about Easter bunnies and candy and it can sometimes be difficult to find a balance between celebrating Easter for the reasons that we believe in and the way it is commercially advertised. 

We found a few things that might help add Jesus back into Easter and we hope you enjoy them.

Here is a printable we found here with the words to "I know my Redeemer Lives"written by Samuel Medley. We thought maybe you may like to print this as well. So visit the link above! 

A cute mini garden that depicts a scene representing how Jesus rose from the dead. 


This would be a pretty easy DIY idea! Take a dozen plastic eggs and fill them with something that represents part of Jesus' Resurrection story.  This blog had a list of ideas and Bible verses to correspond. This would also be a super cute Sunday school or MOPS project! 

Another great blog with great ideas! Here are some homemade reed diffusers that can be a reminder of how Jesus was anointed with perfume.
A cute banner that could also be inspiration for a DIY project!


OOooo check out this super cute FREE Easter bunny printable! 

Do you have any decorations or activities that help your family to celebrate Jesus' Resurrection on Easter? We'd love to hear about them!

We'll be back later today or tomorrow morning with a few Easter activities we've done with our kiddos!

XO Sarah & Katey

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  1. We did an Easter garden this year, although one of the plants died (sorry Jesus). The kids enjoyed putting it together and we'll probably capitalize on some of the elements Easter week along with some Bible verses.

    For two years we've done Resurrection Eggs along with the story, Benjamin's Box, and we'll be doing that again this year. Instead of using stickers on the eggs, I tried to find things to put inside the eggs - like a nail, pebble, piece of cloth, etc.

    This year I already made Hosanna palms (http://mustardseeds.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/03/tutorial.html) using construction paper and ribbon with the kids, so we'll probably bring those back out on Palm Sunday.

    Even though I try to limit the candy, it's nice to have some treats, so I may do something jelly-bean related with the kids and utilize the jelly bean prayer (see here http://www.biblestoryprintables.com/BibleCraftsEasterJellyBeanPrayerBox.html and here http://www.freefuneaster.com/easter-crafts/colors-of-faith-jelly-bean-bracelet/ for free printables). I also want to plant jelly beans the night before Easter so a lollipop can grow (http://cjaneblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/cutest-easter-tradition.html). :)

    See my Easter Pinterest board! http://pinterest.com/karlitacat/holidays-easter/ There are some preschool ideas along with food and craft ideas. I'll be using a bunch of them in the week leading up to Easter, including a Easter egg lunch hunt (http://katherinemaries.com/blog/archives/11824), which I think the kids would enjoy.