Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Fever!

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you had a fantastic St. Paddy's day!!

When I was a kid I loved the Carebears

It has been in the high 50's and 60's here this past day it even reached 70! I keep asking myself is it really March in Canada?! Should I take out my spring clothes? Or is it too soon!

You see, I have terrible spring fever, we lived in South Florida for five years prior to moving to the wonderful land of Canada. So when you are not used to cold weather, you tend to really miss it during the winter months. Probably more so than those that are used having winter!

I am looking forward to flip flops, capris, and no bulky winter jacket! Oh, and I can't wait to hang my cloth diapers out on my clothes line! I am amazed at how great the sun works on getting out the stains!

XO Katey

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick note to say hello. We've been super busy tiring out kids out by playing in this amazing weather we have been having!

We'll be back with a post tomorrow. Promise!

XO Sarah

P.S. My windows are open and it is 8:30pm in MARCH! I'll take it!!


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