Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring & Pinterest

Well, hello faithful readers...all eight of you!

Today is a beautiful early spring day. I have my windows cracked open, we went for a walk to our pond, and played in the yard.  I love that we can walk to the pond. There are two swans that live there with a bunch of mean geese (go back to Canada!) and a few ducks.

One of the pretty swans that we visit. They are so gorgeous, but mean!
I love this pond because my grandfather used to swim here as a kid. I always try to picture him jumping off the waterfall with his friends. He had started a book about these days before he passed away last year. You can find his other books listed here. Damn, I miss him. This isn't the pond, but same idea :)

Anyway, wanna know what we didn't do? Nap! If there is one thing that gets to me as a mommy,  it's when my girl doesn't nap. I find it so frustrating! Anyone else?

 So, me and this tired and fussy little girl are trying to stay busy and not eat too many pretzels that are stuffed with peanut butter and covered in chocolate (damn you, Trader Joes!).

I decided to take part in the Pinterest challenge that Katie and Sherry have going on over on their popular blogs. Basically, you just finally do one of those millions of things you've pinned. You in???

I'm thinking of a bunch of things. Maybe I'll do something like this:
or this:

I'll post more details tonight, but check out those other blogs for now.

XOXO Sarah


  1. Ugh... I hate it when the kiddos don't nap. By the end of the day I'm so ready for bedtime. Theirs AND mine.

    I get so much of my inspiration from Pinterst (well, online in general) - I wish I could be original! I've done dancing ribbons, pom pom flowers, felt flowers, twig arrows, a ton of recipes, and of course homeschool stuff we use each week.

    The newest thing? Sewing tutorials! I've already made some cloth pads and bibs. I got a big t-shirt on clearance and am hoping to turn it into a skirt - wish me luck!

    PS - do you have an option to subscribe to replies on your blog posts?

  2. Hey karla, I think there is an option to subscribe to the comments. I'm pretty sure there is a button on the left hand side of our page! Let me know how it works!!!

    XO Sarah