Friday, April 20, 2012

10 Random Things About Us

Today is Friday! Yippee!

 Let's have a bit of fun, shall we? Today we have decided to each share five random things about ourselves.

 We hope you enjoy them...try not to laugh too hard at us ;)

 Sarah's Randoms:

 1.Before having a baby, I had to wear socks to bed and my PJ bottoms had to be tucked into them.I couldn't stand the feeling of my pants riding up my leg. Now, even on the coldest of nights, I cannot wear socks to bed!

 2. I sing everything. I'll make up random songs to go a long with what's going on throughout the day. I did it in my classroom and now I do it with Liza. Hopefully no one over the age of six hears me :)

 3. I want to get my nose pierced. I am really going to do it. Soon, before my birthday in June!

 4. I've pretty much always worked. Sometimes two or three jobs at a time. I've been everything from a credit card analyst (I got to approve/decline store credit cards. I was 19 and it was cool!) to a makeup artist and a bartender to a Kindergarten teacher.

 5. I'm short. I just make the 5 feet mark. Sometimes I forget about it, but then I go shopping and I am brutally reminded! Clothes aren't made for petite and the clothes that are made are either ugly or they still don't fit. I am not an old lady. I am not a junior. I don't want to dress like a slut, but I don't want to look like a grandmother. Is this too much to ask?!

Katey's Randoms:

1. I LOVE to dance. I am not necessarily good at it, but I try and do it best with my little ones.

2. I never eat the crust of my sandwich. I tear it apart and always leave it. It drives my husband crazy! My 8 year old is following in my footsteps.

3. I LOVE country music. I own a pink cowgirl hat, and really think this northern girl belongs in the south! HA! I have a thing for Jason Aldean ( shh.. don't tell my husband) :)

4.  I want to dye my hair pink. However, I am rather conservative when it comes to my appearance. So, I am chicken to try anything different. I was going to opt for pink highlights but I ended up getting copper ones  (kinda orangey) instead. It looked good but now its fading. :(

5. I LOVE the color purple. I have loved it since I can remember.

And now it's your turn! Leave us a comment and share something random about yourself!

1 comment:

  1. Um... hm...

    1 - My ears don't match; one of them has an extra piece of cartilage. Is that normal?

    2 - I can make wedding cakes, but it takes too much work!

    3 - I don't mind the stretch marks I got during pregnancy because I loved carrying my children... but I could do without all the other ones. :)

    4 - I used to hate country music but my hubby brought me over. And I FINALLY bought my first pair of cowboy boots last year; I love 'em.

    5 - I used to hate dark chocolate, but now it's the only kind I like.

    Sarah, my mom used to sing silly songs to use when we were little and as we got older we thought she was crazy. Now I do it with my own kiddos!

    Katey, I've tried various hair colors, but I've never braved blue, which I think would be cool. I like the idea of dyed tips.