Friday, April 27, 2012

Rainbow Rice

Hello my friends!

Happy Friday! 

Recently we were asked, "what is a mommy card?" I guess Vistaprint is advertising this in one of their commercials.  So I looked into it a bit.  I knew it was a card that lists your contact info which can be good to hand out for playdates, or babysitters. 

 VistaPrints website shows it as a "Mummy Card". Its the new hip thing! 

Here are some uses they list:

Top 5 uses for your "Mummy Card"

Hand out when setting up playdates

Leave one with the babysitter

Put one in your kids backpack

Use them for changing bag tags

Tuck into Christmas cards and invitations

Do you use "Mummy Cards"? If you do how do you use them?


I thought it might be time to show you what's been in Liza's sensory bin the last few weeks. Especially since I've already started a new one :) 

I bought some cheap rice (I think it was a 5lb bag?) and divided it between 4 Ziplocs. I added a 
few drops of food coloring and a splash of rubbing alchohol to each bag and then we shook them up

I let the rice dry overnight before I added it to the bin with some gardening tools.

It stayed nice and color seperated for about 20 minutes...

and now it looks more like Fruity Pebbles! Sitting in the bin just makes so much more sense, doesn't it?! :)

It makes even more sense to have your cousin join you! That rice must feel pretty neat between their toes!

I've had enough of the rice though! I'll share with you my spring bin soon.

XOXO Sarah


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