Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day

Yesterday, April 22nd, was the anniversary of sweet baby London's passing. We would ask that you take a moment and share her story found here with others. We continue to keep her family in our prayers.

In honor of Earth Day, which was yesterday, we are sharing a few ways we are "green" in our everyday lives.

I wish I could tell you that I do all kinds of wonderful things to help save our Earth. The truth is, I still use paper towels and Ziplocs. Oh,and I drive an SUV. Shame on me ;) In all fairness, I don't go very far in it.

1. I recycle. And it's not just because my town makes me!

 I have very vivid memories of my grandmother taking great pride in her efforts to recycle. In fact, her recycling barrels are still set up in my grandparent's house even though they have both passed away. Each covered barrel was labeled: Cardboard, paper, plastic, and glass. The best part is that no one else was recycling at that time. It wasn't cool to be green yet!

2. I use cloth diapers 90 % and wipes of the time. I love that Liza has never had a diaper rash. I love that I am not throwing tons and tons of diapers away in a landfill. Diapers that won't decompose for hundreds of years.

3. I use vinegar and warm water or my steam mop to wash my floors, baking soda in my toilet bowl, and Method all purpose products. I do keep some Lysol and bleach on hand because I feel like I need to use them every once in a while to get a really deep clean in my bathroom.

4. I'm laughing about this one, but toilet has two different flush options. You chose the amount of water that you use depending on how big of a flush you need.

5. We also have a compost bin in our yard and I plan to start using it now that we finally found a place for it to live!

XO Sarah

1.  In our house we recycle. Paper, plastic, cardboard, glass.

2.  I use the steam mop for my floors.Vinegar is my new best friend. I use it in place of fabric softener in my rinse cycle for the laundry. Here you can find some useful tips on using vinegar for cleaning.

3. I try to unplug things they are not in use i.e. electronic chargers, the printer etc. I also try to get the children in the habit of shutting lights off when they are not in use, and not running the water when we are brushing out teeth. I also try not to unnecessarily run the water when doing the dishes.

4. I download mostly electronic copies of books on my kindle. Before hard copies used to just collect dust in a box. The only exception is if I want to lend the book to someone else when I am done.

5.  We use energy saving lightbulbs in our house.

Hugs, Katey


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