Monday, April 9, 2012

Family Fun and Hard Choices

Happy Monday! 

Hope you had a great Easter weekend!  We sure did...

Coloring eggs

We should have worn gloves..Hehe! 

Getting treats in our baskets. Jacob loves Ritz bitz cheese crackers!

Watching I'm Elmo and I know it on YouTube!

And having an easter egg hunt in the house...

But it's not over yet, today is a holiday in Canada, Easter Monday. I think it makes sense considering Easter can be exhausting. It gives you one more day to recuperate from sugar highs, and egg hunts!

Anyway, yesterday could possibly have been our last holiday alone. You see in September, only five months  from now, our two year contract ends here in Canada. We will receive paperwork in probably May; and at that time we can either extend our contract for another two years, or put down our top three choices of where Matt would like to work in the United States. Our #1 choice would be Boston, because we would rather not have to  travel to see our family. We would also like to have a little help with our kids from time to time. 

However, I am so nervous about actually living so close to family again. Don't get me wrong I would love to, but we are so used to it just being us. We don't have to worry about holidays or  having a family event to attend every weekend. We do everything when and how we want to and although I really want to live closer, I really do not want to give up our freedom! Does that make sense?

A part of me really wouldn't mind staying where we are in Ontario. We love Ariana's school and our house. You can't beat the summers here, and our community is family oriented. If we extend our contract here in Canada, we would have wait another two years and put our top three choices. What if we do not get Boston then? Do we extend for one more year?  And try our luck on the last shot? We can only stay here for a maximum of five years. Our last resort would be going back to Miami, which isn't terrible but we would have to keep traveling to see our family and the price of flights these days along with the cost of living in South Florida is crazy!

If we decide to put our top choices in and we do not get Boston but get somewhere else down South where its cheaper to live, do we take it? Or do we try again in another two years?

I am so worried about making the right choice! Honestly, I really would like go on vacation to other places besides Massachusetts!

But, we have been living away from our family our entire married life, almost 7 years, and it will certainly be an adjustment to live back home. We just want to make the right decision for our family.

Do you ever have to make hard choices and not really know what to do?

I would love to hear your stories...

Until Next time,

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  1. I may not be in the same situation, but I totally relate to debating difficult decisions.

    It's nice having family so close, but I feel obligated to get together with them for Every Single Occasion. Phil says WE'RE a family now, and it's totally okay for us to do something alone. If you DO move, I encourage you to set boundaries and realistic expectations, not feeling like you have to do something because your family is right down the road.

    Obviously, we pray about these types of decisions, but so many times I don't feel like God is telling me to go one way or another. I think there isn't always a yes or no answer, and God leaves it up to us to find our own way... so if you don't feel a clear direction it's up to you to discuss the pros and cons of each move and make your own decision.