Friday, October 19, 2012

100 Things About Us!

Happy Friday!

This has been a super long week for us both and we thought it might be fun to do something a little random around here!

Here are 100 things about us that we know you've always wanted to know :)

Sarah - 
1. Mario Lopez once put his arm around me. But I wished it was Mark Paul Gosselaar. Swoon.
2. I am super sentimental. I really don't like it when things get changed up. Especially holidays.
3.I didn't like Oreos until after I married my husband. He converted me.
4. I wish I had more time to do things like refinish furniture and sew.
5. I married my only boyfriend.
6. I love Grey's Anatomy and miss drinking wine with my friends while watching it.
7. Target is my happy place.
8. I hate shopping for jeans. I loath it.
9. I am 31 and still can't do my hair.
10. I don't really have a favorite song. Or a favorite movie (well, I do LOVE Meet me in St. Louis).
11. I have a tendency to listen to music, but not really listen to the words.
12. I am SUPER indecisive about things like chosing a resturant to eat at.
13. The only beer I truly enjoy (when not pregnant!) is Blue Moon with an orange slice. I love me some red sangria (especially if my bff's hubby made it!).
14. I was the kid who was always grounded. For rolling my eyes. I was obviously a rebel.
15. My bff and I wore pink boas when we went to our last Britney concert. We were so cool.
16. I have always struggled with self confidence, but my 30's have been good to me. Motherhood has been good to me. I'm winning the battle :)
17. Saved By The Bell is my all time favorite show, but I am loving New Girl. Seriously cracks me up every week. Can you tell I like TV?
18. I still think my husband is the cutest guy around.
19. Someday I will have an awesome themed costume party. My husband is not in love with this idea.
20. I am not nervous about bringing another baby into the house. We'll figure it out.
21. I try very hard to be kind and loving to all people. Even if I don't agree with you.
22. My niece is one of my favorite people in my world.
23. Sometimes I like it when it rains because I don't feel too bad about cleaning my house. It seems like such a waste of time on a sunny day.
24. I love to entertain and cannot wait to have a house big enough.
25. I didn't realize that I resemble my grandmother until after she passed away.
26. I once totalled my car when I hit a curb. Now I am scared to drive in the fog.
27. My first car was a 1984 Toyota Camry. It was a stick shift, had no radio, and I didn't need a key to start it. But it smelled like my grandfather and I kind of miss it.
28. I wanted to be an actress for a very long time. I would daydream about being discovered.
29. I never knew that I am smart until I went to college.
30. I worked my butt off through college. I went to school full time and worked a minimum of two jobs all the time. I can't even tell you all the different places I have worked, but I know I have held at least 12 different "professions."
31. I love when my girl looks at me and smiles while she says, "That's my mom, right?"
32. Clearance finds make me happy.
33. I enjoy blogging. It gives me an outlet.
34. I used to be a cat person. And then they got fleas.
35. I wish my California cousins lived closer.
36. I can be quite feisty. Don't mess with me or someone I love.
37. I love Judy Garland. I spent many high school hours reading biography's and watching all her movies.
38. I have Liza Minnelli's autograph.
39. I can never seem to drink a full cup of coffee.
40. I decided years ago that I don't really enjoy Dunkin Donuts coffee, but I drink it because it is convenient.
41. I don't feel like I am a grown up.
42. I have no sense of direction. I get lost all the time.
43. Ever since having a baby I cannot watch movies unless they are chic flicks, Everything else stresses me out.
44. There is a moment everyday that makes me stop and remember how incredibly blessed I am to have my family.
45. I feel lucky that I was able to travel to Europe. I felt at home in Italy. It's hard to describe, but I just knew I was from there.
46. When I was young, people would often ask if I was Alyssa Milano. Um...THANK YOU!
47. The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth.
48. My right hand pinky is crooked. I broke it when I was six and playing basketball. I had a cast up to my elbow.
48. Loud chewing grosses me out.
49. If I won the lottery I would buy a freaking dishwasher. I've been living with a broken one for too many years.
50. I want a power drill for Christmas. A pink one, please.

Katey - 
1. I met my husband Matt at a restaurant/bar. We have been together ever since.
2.I have a thing for Jason Aldean. (Shh don't tell my husband)
3.I am a southern girl at heart. I should have been raised there. :giggle
4.Chik-fil-A is the only fast food I love - if you have never tried it you need to!
5.Country music has been my favorite since I was in high school. I started with listening to the Dixie Chicks, and Garth Brooks
6.I used to sing all the time at church, and in school. It was my thing for a long time.
7.I wish I could play an instrument because I enjoy classical music.
8.I used to be in the drama club in middle and high school. I have played the spirit of Christmas past, and a dumb blonde in the Jury Room. It was so much fun!
9.When I was 20 my doctor told me I might not be able to conceive children. Now I have three.
10.I suffer from endometriosis.
11. I have moved more than 10x in my life. In fact we are moving in two weeks.
12.The beach is my favorite place.
13.Starbucks is my addiction. I have some sort of drink from there almost everyday.
14.I love to dance but I am not great at it. I would love to take lessons.
I still watch a soap opera General Hospital is my favorite. It was upsetting when they cancelled One life to Live.
15.I am having a difficult time parting with my baby stuff even though I don't necessarily want anymore children. I guess it's just hard to get passed this stage of my life.
16.My first car was a Chevy Celebrity named Valerie because it has an oil leak and I had to constantly fill it with valve line oil. Ha!
17.I minored in Women's studies in college. I consider my self a semi- feminist. I thought Hilary Clinton should have been the Presidential candidate.
18.My favorite color is and always has been purple.
19. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip or if its from Somerset Creamery it's Chocolate Mint.
20.I have too many products from apple and I am looking at ordering the iPhone 5.
21.I enjoy taking pictures and sometimes obsess over them but suck at printing them
22.I am a Yankee fan
23. I love wearing flip flops
24.I drive a Toyota sienna minivan and absolutely love it!!
25.My first time at Disney was when I was 20 just after 9/11. I did the college program and worked there for three months. I have been in love ever since. Hopefully we get to go there again soon!
26.Sunday is my favorite day of the week.
27.I enjoy a good red wine
28.I hate packing but love going on vacation
29.Our best family vacation was to California.
30. I have to sleep with a blanket.
31. I am a little claustrophobic.
32. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
33. It bothers me when people are upset with me.
34. I forgive too easily sometimes.
35. I don't do the grocery shopping or cooking. My husband takes charge. However I can cook.
36. I haven't worked outside the home is two years, this is the longest stretch of time I have not had a full time job. ( other than the kids of course)
37. My favorite tv shows are Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, The Middle, and scandal.
38. I enjoy staying home because its easier with the kids.
39. I miss the Florida sun and our friends there on a daily basis.
40. I understand most spanish but can't really speak it.
41. I am nervous and anxious about moving back to Massachusetts.
42. I have two dogs Zoey and Ruby. When I was young I had two bunnies Popsy and Midnight.
43. I have three great kids, but they also push my buttons and require lots of patience.
44. If I could have a college do over I would have gone into nursing.
45. If we have a fire outside I can't go to sleep unless it is completely out.
46. Every night I am paranoid that I didn't lock my car outside. So before bed I routinely press the lock button.
47. At 31, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
48. I hope to go to Italy someday.
49. I don't put the toothpaste cover back on the toothpaste therefore we buy one that has it attached
50. I don't like to eat the same thing for more than two days in a row.

A giant thank you to the lovely Carla at All Of Me Now for challenging us to make this list. It was quite the exercise and we really enjoyed it.

Now it's your turn. Leave a comment here or on our facebook page and tell us something we don't know about you!

Enjoy the weekend!


Sarah & Katey


  1. Sarah one thing you don't know about me...I have a twitter account!!! hehehe

  2. Jealous of Mark Gossling- I used to love him! Such a cute post

  3. Sarah I love Target, especially clearance. Katey, nothing makes me happier than sitting on the beach.

  4. That's so cute that you married your only boyfriend! Love it!! =)

  5. Oh Sarah, I don't feel like I am a grown up either!! On a regular basis, I feel like I'm playing house, not running a house. haha! Great lists!! ;)

  6. This was so much fun to do! Thanks for reading everyone!

  7. It was fun reading both of your lists!! I can see things in both lists that could've been on mine!!

  8. this was fun! Sarah I'm loving #8, 32 and 33. And Katey you get a big "me too" on #18, 21 and 23!!!

  9. Sarah- I will come to your costume party! I always want to dress up with a whole family theme, but my hubby will never go for it!

    Katey- I have a Sienna and love it too! My huby had to talk me into getting a mini van but I am so glad he did!

  10. Saved By The Bell is the best! It's kind of up there with 90210. If the cast ever does anything, I have to watch! Loved your lists, ladies!