Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Little Pinterest Post!

Sorry for the lack of a Monday post, but I was just waiting for our power to go out. I am feeling very lucky this morning that we didn't lose power or have any significant damage in my area, but am in awe of how hard people were hit closer to our coast. Thoughts and prayers to everyone that had to deal with a much more intense storm then I did.

Katey is in the process of packing up her house in Canada and getting ready to move back to the US so she won't be around much in the next week or so. She will be back soon with a review of the educational website k12 though!

I have a little cabin fever today, but my Liza doesn't seem to want to leave the house. I let her win the battle of home vs. errands because we are both fighting colds and I want her to rest.

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest last night while we were waiting out the storm. Here are some of my favorite pins!

I need to do this in my bathroom. I could put all my hair products in it. I could even put wash cloths and the like!

I've been planning on doing something similar to this for Liza because I think she would really enjoy it, but I forgot about it. I'm glad I saw this pin because it's now back on my radar! Be on the lookout for my version sometime soon.

I am trying to figure out what to do for the new baby boy. Do I set up a crib in Liza's room and try to have them share a room? We don't plan to stay in this house too much longer so I'd hate to totally re-do her room, but I need to think of  a way to make it a girl AND boy room. I'm loving this map. Maybe I'll do something similar. Hmmmmmmmm....so much to think about!

That's all I have for you today, my friends. I'll be back tomorrow with a Halloween post!

Be safe!!!

XOXO Sarah


  1. Ugh, we have a crib for Joseph and a twin bed for Stephanie, all in one tiny room. Luckily when we made the nursery for her 3 years ago, we used a periwinkle color on the walls so it isn't "girly." cramming them both in isn't my ideal for my kids' room, but hey, you make do with what you've got! :)

  2. All three of my kids are in the same room and we have plenty of rooms, they wouldn't sleep without each other.

  3. Megan, Liza's room is a blueish color so I think I can get away with not painting. I just need to tone down some of her pink things! And Kraus House Mom, I am crossing my fingers that Liza will become a better sleeper while sharing a room because she hates being alone. I think it's cute that your kids sleep together :)
    xo Sarah