Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It's Wednesday today and I wanted to share with you my post from Friday, but I am too lazy to write it over again for the THIRD time! I miss my laptop and will probably give it a kiss when it comes home from being repaired.

Since I can't get my pictures onto this IPad I am using, I figured I'd show you some fun little activities that I have seen around the web.

I have done this Skeleton craft with preschool/kindergarten kids and it is always a hit! And you know you already have the Qtips in your bathroom :)

I never thought to light a Jack-O-Lantern like this. I have lots of Christmas lights in my basement! Thank you, Martha Stewart!

Check out the cute Favors at the Halloween party featured On this blog.

I love othis mandarin orange idea on Pimp My Dinner's blog! It would be perfect for a little party or even to hand out to trick-or-treaters!

There are millions of super cute ideas floating around, but I might throw my (super old) IPad out the window if I don't stop now ;)

I will hopefully be able to share pictures of the cute activities I have been doing lately with Liza soon.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

XO Sarah




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