Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Look At Our Week

We are participating in  the "A week in my life" challenge from Adventuroo.

I am going to put a little spin on it by combining two days in one post. :)

So here it goes.


Our morning started with Ariana and Mady waking at 5am and coming to my bed. Daddy was already at work. It was way too early, so they both got into bed with me. It took a little bit for us to all fall back to sleep, but we finally did. Ariana didn't want to wake up for school. We had to move fast so she wouldn't miss the carpool pickup. If you know Ariana moving fast is not part of her vocabulary. She lives on slow time.

Off to school Ariana went, but Mady stayed in bed until almost 9am while I got dressed and fed Jake.
I had to feed the Starbucks addiction early since I ran out of k-cups. After Mady woke up I dressed her and we went to pick up Starbucks and to meet my friend at her house.

In the afternoon, I picked up Ariana from school. When we got home, I prepared dinner and then took off with Ariana and Jake to tutoring while Matt stayed home with Mady and put dinner in the oven.

While Ariana was at the tutor I brought some clothes to the goodwill bin, and took Jacob to the park.
He had fun playing in the leaves and swinging.

When I got home from all that we had dinner, did homework, and I have the kids a bath and put them to bed.

Finally at the end of the night I edited pictures from a family photo shoot I did on Friday.


Thankfully we had a lazy day today. It rained all day, and it was very gloomy.

After breakfast and getting my big girl off to school the littles played nicely together and watched Mickey Mouse in the playroom.

My friend Elisabeth came over with her newborn baby, Makensie. She is so sweet, and it was nice to have some company and get my baby fix. :) Of course I took out my camera for a few snapshots. She is a beauty!

 She is her mama's fourth baby and only girl!

While they were visiting, Jake decided he was hungry and went to look for a snack.

Mady was right behind him hoping to get in on the action.

When Daddy came home in the afternoon he made some homemade vegetable soup which was nice to have on such a lazy, rainy day.

We ended our night with the kids dancing to to "Gangnam Style." Daddy did video tape it but it's on his phone and I don't have access to it right now.

I hope you enjoyed a bit of a glimpse into my week. In the upcoming weeks you may not see much of me on the blog since our movers come on Monday and we move November 4.



  1. We have a dance party all the time and one of my kids is always looking for something to eat. They usually end up making toast (makes them feel grown up).

  2. Nice to start out the day with a Starbucks! YUM!

    1. I am lucky because its only half a mile away from my house!

  3. We love having dance parties!!! Sounds like a good week!

  4. FUN! Dance parties ROCK, and so do rainy, quiet days at home sometimes!!! Thanks for sharing your days with us!

  5. I LOVE the toy bins you have in your playroom!!

    1. Thank you~ they are the best things we ever bought for the toys! We got them at Ikea!

  6. Leaves and swings and play rooms, oh my! Love the great pictures.

  7. Dance parties and Starbucks- Two SCORES! :)