Monday, October 8, 2012

It's Fall

I must have written this post about four times. No lie. This is from weeks ago, but with all my computer drama, it could never get posted (Dear iPhone Blogger app: You suck! xo Sarah).
First up is this beautiful apple tree that I drew with my girl. I love it. Aren't her apples the best you've ever seen?

A few weeks ago Liza had some fun collecting acorns in our yard. We put her collection in a little basket that I inherited from my grandmother.

Then I put together a little Activity Tray for her to experience.

She enjoyed it for almost two weeks before we cleaned it up.

This is not an actvity that holds her attention for long periods of time, but she explored it a little bit every day. It was neat to see her try different things with the tools that I set out.

Hope you are having a fabulous day!

XOXO Sarah

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  1. Love the bunny scissor-type thing! Where is it from? Love your exploration center.