Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birth Days

Hello friends!

Last week was chaotic with all of my children having a birthday in the same week! Ariana on the 6th,  Madisyn on the 7th, and lastly Jacob on the 11th. Phew...it was a busy week!

Their birthdays always bring back memories and feelings of my birthing experiences. I had my first cesarean section with Madisyn. I will never forget it.I had a healthy pregnancy, and with every pregnancy as you get to end it becomes uncomfortable. This was no exception. She was originally due on March 17, but because of her estimated size the doctor wanted to induce her on March 6th (funny because that is Ariana's birthday). Anyway, a day or two before, I went in for an ultrasound and the tech estimated Madisyn was already over 9 lbs maybe even closer to 10 lbs.

This wouldn't be an issue for a mother who was a little bigger than me. I am 5'2 with a small frame.

The doctor was not convinced I would be able to push her out without complications. He advised she could get stuck and it could cause her to have cerebral palsy. He wanted to do an elective c-section.
I was very emotional and my hormones were raging. I really didn't know if that was the right decision but I didn't want my baby to have any issues. So I went through with the c-section. Let me tell you it was the single worst thing I have ever been through in my adult life.

Right after my c-section feeling loopy on pain meds
not the best feeling while holding your newborn

Since then, I have done some research on the current rising c-section rate in the United States. You can find additional information on this here. Many of these surgeries are happening with no medical reason and are purely elective. It sickens me because this is major abdominal surgery and offers a longer recovery time. Please, do not get me wrong, if a cesarean is medically necessary than there is no question. However, I am still trying to understand why doctors would allow women to have elective cesarean sections.

I feel as though the doctor bullied me into making the decision with Madisyn, and took advantage of my situation. The ultrasound was wrong and she only weighed 8lbs 3 oz. I could have avoided surgery if only the doctor hadn't pushed the issue.


I wanted to have a VBAC with Jacob, but the hospital in my area does not allow them. I think many doctors are afraid. As with any birth experience, there could be complications. That being said, there could also be issues with a repeat cesarean.

I feel that it is an epidemic which should be stopped. My sister, Melissa, had a successful VBAC and also feels the same way as I do. A c-section is not the way to give birth if it can be avoided. For more information on a VBAC and cesarean awareness go here.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Have you ever felt bullied or overlooked by your doctor?



  1. Great post! I completely agree that there are too many medically unnecessary c-sections and really hope that VBACs start becoming more accepted (especially since they are now recommended for many cases by the AOG). I had a c-section for my breech baby (which I feel was medically necessary). However I plan to change practices and hospitals for our second so I can attempt a VBAC, my current practice does not allow it. If I have a healthy baby in a healthy position I see no reason what so ever to have a scheduled c-section, which is what most practices would force me to do.

    Another good resource: http://www.theunnecesarean.com/


    1. Kate, Thank you for another good resource! I am glad you will try to have vbac, it is so much better to deliver vaginally ( I did with my first).

  2. Yes intervention is so common in the hospital setting. Esepcially too the mother or parents to be that do not know there are options or how to ask for those options and stand up for thier right to choose. This epidemic is what is bringing moms in flocks to birth centers, to have home births and to even attempt birthing at home an unassisted child birth with no one to help. I wish for my first that I had known I could refuse what were considered "routine" interventions. I wish someone had educated me, namely my doctor! My second was so much better with me KNOWING I wanted to avoid the interventions and having done the research to support my decisions.

  3. Nice post Katey!! I am glad that you and the baby are good even with the c-section!! xoxo

  4. I'm so glad midwives delivered my babies! That being said, I have high-risk pregnancies and there's always that "what if?" factor. With Gwen it was just the opposite - she was tiny (a little over 5lbs when she was born) and when my labor didn't progress I was induced since we were unsure if she had health problems to begin with (she had none). I was NOT happy about this, and the birth was extremely painful and tiring (albeit "quick"), but luckily it didn't spiral into needing a c-section.

    As you were telling your story I was thinking how typical it sounded, especially with doctors, and was like, "I bet Madisyn wasn't that big!" Sure enough... they just want to get things moving along and don't want to deal with a mama in labor. Doctors want to move on with their work day and go home just like everyone else! I'm sure there are exceptions, but it seems like they often don't have the mother's and baby's best interests at heart.

    Both my kiddos have November birthdays and we joke about having all of our kids at the same time. Phil's like, "if you let me catch you more often..." :)

    1. Karla, we talk about how we have to skip the month of June so we don't have anymore babies! LOL I wish I had a midwife with Madisyn. I liked my doctor but never suspected he would pull the c-section card. I would have had a vbac with Jacob if their was a closer hospital. Oh well at least its over now!