Monday, March 26, 2012

We're Kicking off Easter!

Hi there.

So sorry for the lack of a post on Friday. The beautiful weather and general busyness of the day
got in the way!
My neighbors are pretty awesome and let Liza use their swing set :) 

We're getting ready to celebrate Easter in just a few short weeks, so we thought we'd share some fun ideas with you this week!

To start things off, I'll share the quick and easy craft that I always seem to kick off a new season or holiday with. I did it in my classroom too. I guess I just think they are pretty :)

Tissue paper or any kind of anything (ribbon, glitter, wrapping paper, painted paper, etc.)
Contact paper
Construction paper (optional)

Step 1: Rip up some tissue paper. My little girl loves doing this.

Step 2: Cut out an Easter egg shape (If you're less lazy than me you'll actually trace something that's an oval or try a little harder to make a better oval than I did!) out of construction paper and place it on a sheet of contact paper.

Step 3: Let the little one stick the tissue paper all over the egg. I'm not really sure you could call my shape an egg, but we'll just go with it.

Step 4: Cover the other side of the "egg" with contact paper. Punch a hole (I jabbed a pen through) and string some ribbon or something through it. Hang in your window for pretty colors!

Do you see how close my neighbors swing set is to our house? It's fantastic, but my little toddler doesn't really understand that it's not ours. She has started to sneak around their fence to try an play on it! Luckily, I have amazing neighbors!
If you don't want your egg to hang you can simply skip the second piece of contact paper and stick it right onto your window!

Easy and festive!

We will be back this week with a whole bunch of Easter related ideas. More crafts, some games, and maybe even a recipe. You never know!

We love you all and appreciate you reading out little blogity blog! We have such fun coming up with ideas for you all. Hugs :)

XO Sarah

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  1. ooooh fun idea. Totally ordering up some contact paper to do these for the different holidays/seasons!