Friday, March 30, 2012

Ideas for the Easter Bunny!

Happy Friday to all our readers!

We've been talking about what to put in our children's Easter baskets. Our kids are really too young (besides Ariana!) to have a basket full of chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and the like. And honestly, we really don't want our kids to be eating all that candy!

Here are some ideas of things you could put in your little ones' Easter basket.

ritz bitz cheese crackers
animal crackers
yogurt covered rasin
fruit smashups
puffs/little cookies

Spring things:
gardening tools
flower seeds
rain coat

Practical Things:
hair brush
flip flops or sandals
Baby Legs/leg warmers
sippy cups

play dough
card games
side walk chalk
musical instruments
bath crayons
video game
VTech refrigerator magnet (you know, the alphabet ones, etc.)
Little People

Arts & Crafts:
coloring books
bingo markers

Girly Things:
Pony Tail holders
Nail polish
bathing suite

Boy Things:
match box cars
Nerf Gun
Whoopy Cushion :)
board shorts

Sarah is trying her hand at a Spring wreath. Let's see how it turns out.

Hi Everyone!

For our egg hunt we bought small little mini individually wrapped candies to put in the plastic eggs and we also put loose change or dollar bills. Kids love to put money in their piggy banks, or savings accounts!

Gorgeous Ariana last Easter
This year, because of my husband's work schedule, we are celebrating Easter on a different day. Maybe the following weekend or Saturday. It is typical for our family because he doesn't always have holidays off. Does anyone else have to deal with this? What do you do if you or your spouse have to work on a holiday?

Sweet Maddy last Easter
What are your Easter traditions?

Jake's first Easter!

Hugs,  Katey

Hi Friends!!

Last year at my house, Easter was pretty sucky. My grandfather was in hospice and we were just waiting. Afraid to celebrate and not really knowing what to do. It was Liza's first Easter, so I wanted to do something for her. Not that she would remember! I filled her Easter basket with a watering can, bunny ears. Peter Rabbit books, a bathing suite, and some Little People.

What's this?

I bought her Easter basket with the intention of re-using it every year. Do you do that? Or do you buy a new basket every year? 

I'm a cute bunny!

One of the only pictures we took last year...

We didn't mean to match. I swear!

Here's what's in her basket this year. I still have to make it pretty and stuff some of the things into eggs :)

XO Sarah

So, tell us, what does the Easter Bunny do at your house?!

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  1. Last year we had a little Easter egg hunt around the house ( I filled the eggs with little toys and coins, nail polish for Gwen maybe some candy here and there, but we try not to do too much of that. I don't buy new things every year; I like to reuse and recycle! I saved some baskets we got one year and the plastic eggs are still good, so why buy new ones?

    Phil never has the same day off because of his 24 hour shift at the military base in Quonset and he ended up working Easter last year. We did something with the kids on a different day but he missed the family dinner. I went to church with the kids and we got little dishes of ice cream afterwards for a treat.

    This year we'll all be together - yay! But we'll be with Phil's family instead of mine; we try to rotate holidays every now and then! I'm already planning preschool activities and crafts for the week, but I don't plan on a big assortment of gifts.

    I made the kids crayon rolls with my sewing machine (they're so cute!) and may get coloring books to go with them. Since we're trying to stay away from excess stuff and want to focus on the real meaning of Easter I won't go overboard with the baskets.