Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Fun!

Happy Hump Day :)

We thought you might like to see a couple of super easy and cheap DIY Easter activities. Normally, easy and cheap isn't a good thing, but we think you'll like these fun games to play with your kiddos!!

Easter Egg Shape Recognition

I originally planned to use this free printable to create a game for Liza, but my printer ran out of ink and I had to improvise.

Egg shaped paper (make sure you have enough for each shape to have a match)
Cute toddler

 I happened to pick up some super cheap Easter wall decals from The Christmas Tree Shop the other day and I just cut them out individually and drew shapes on them. 

It is also a good time to dust your table off. Whoops!

I laid one set down on the table and let Liza match up the shapes.

My girl knows her shapes, but even though this was really easy for her, she had a blast. 

Ignore the play fish that wandered over from my girl's kitchen. 

You can do this with anything. Letters, numbers, colors, etc. 

While we were playing this game, Liza was mimicking me. She was saying, "Is this one the oval? Nooo. Here is the oval!" It was super cute and a great reminder that our kids copy our behaviors!

There are tons of free printables online. Just google and I promise you'll find some!

XOXO Sarah

Easter Egg Number Matching Game

Materials:  empty egg carton, plastic Easter eggs, and blank paper ( you can use any color). 

I traced the bottom of the plastic egg and cut out 12 circles to put on the bottom of the egg holders.

I wrote numbers 1 - 12 

Then I placed them at the bottom of each egg holder. I was going to glue them but it isn't neccessary. They stay in place. 

I wrote numbers 1-12 on each plastic egg and placed them in their perspective holders.
The egg carton I used had 18 eggs but  it was the only empty on I had available. 
Down the road I will add six more eggs once my little preschooler masters the recognition through number 12. 

The fun began as she started matching the eggs to their holders.

Hmm...Where does this one go?

I love that the eggs can be placed in the top portion of the carton! 

We also used the eggs for color recognition. We lined them up in the holders and named their colors.
Mady had fun and I know your preschooler will too!! :)



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